Speedlab Wheels "Ace Pelka" 56mm 97a

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Speedlab Wheels "Ace Pelka" 56mm 97a

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Made in USA. Ace Pelka Pro Model wheels.

Durchmesser: 56mm
Härte: 97a
Lauffläche 23mm
Breite: 35mm

We are hyped to introduce the Speedlab Wheels Ace Pelka Pro model wheel. This is Ace's 1st ever Pro model wheel and we couldn't be more stoked for him. Ace is an all-terrain ripper so naturally we had to make an ATW (All-Terrain Wheel) for everything from curbs, street & tranny. This wheel checks in at 56mm/97A and has a rounded conical cut on each side to provide a highly functional profile & shape made from the best formulas in the world for ultimate speed & control. Complete with artwork by Bobby Brown, grab a set today and go shredding!

"Farbe": Weiß
"Härte": 97a
"Durchmesser": 56 mm
"Lauffläche": 23 mm
"Kernposition": Centerset

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