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Kaliber 4 Elements Water Deck

Artikel: Kasten top

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4 Elements Water Deck Big Medium
Item #: 3993-3
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Kaliber 4 Elements Water Deck

Deck only. Griptape not included.

Please choose Size + Flex.

  • Length: 104cm / 40.95" or 118cm / 46.46"
  • Width: 24cm / 9.45" or 25cm / 9.84"
  • Wheelbase:  72cm / 28.35" or 84cm / 33.07"
  • Flex: medium and hard
  • Concave: medium
  • Mount: Top-Mount
  • Construction: 2 ply bamboo, Fiberglas, Furnier, Camber, Wheel Wells
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Model LengthWidthFlexCompleteMounting
Standard Medium40.95Inch9.45Inchmediumnur BrettTop-Mount
Standard Hard40.95Inch9.45Inchhartnur BrettTop-Mount
Big Medium46.46Inch9.84Inchmediumnur BrettTop-Mount
Big Hard46.46Inch9.84Inchhartnur BrettTop-Mount

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Artikel: Kasten top

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x 4 Elemente Wasser Deck
In Stock
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