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88 Wheel Co Maverick Downhill Longboard Wheels 80mm 76a

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88 Wheel Co Maverick Downhill Longboard Wheels 80mm 76a

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The Maverick features a slightly offset lightweight core with an 80mm diameter by 66mm wide fatty hunk of high rebound urethane. They’re speedy in a straight line with tons of stopping power and control in the slide.

Co-developed and tested by one of the best and most experienced riders in Australia, Jackson Shapiera, the Maverick has been given the seal of approval, and we are excited to share them with you!

Strap them onto your favourite downhill setup and get ready for an exhilarating ride! This special formula is 99.9% bubble-free and resilient against chunking.

  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Durometer: 76A
  • Width:66mm
  • Contact patch:65mm
  • Core Position:Offset

88 is an ode to 1980’s pop culture – one of the best times in history for skating, music, and movies – Back to the Future, Michael Jackson, and Top Gun. 88 Wheel Co is the coming together of Boa Wheels and Pantheon Longboards. We’ve applied our knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry and set out to create innovation and excellence in skateboard wheel design and manufacturing. From a technical standpoint, we are taking some slightly different, new proprietary manufacturing approaches that improve the quality of our wheels when compared to what is available today. What this means to riders is that you can count on our wheels to not only perform their best but also be 99.9% free of defects – resistance to chunking, damn near elimination of those ugly bubbles, and no chemical residue or swirling from the manufacturing process. Our proprietary urethane is a culmination of years of development and is soft and plush with excellent speed and slide control. Our core is lightweight and tough, with a precision bearing seat so that your wheels stay as true as possible and wear evenly. You can count on 88’s wheels to perform all the way down to the core. Every wheel we offer has been specially engineered and tested for a purpose.

"Farbe": Gelb
"Härte": 76a
"Durchmesser": 80 mm
"Lauffläche": 65 mm
"Kernposition": Offset

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