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Rayne Longboards:

Rayne has dedicated itself to one goal: To be a premium longboard manufacturer that leaves nothing to be desired and to offer the highest standard for amateurs and professionals worldwide.

Rayne was founded in 2004 in Canada in the beautiful North Shore Mountains. All products are designed and produced in Canada. The basic idea of the production is highest quality, progress and authenticity.


Rayne Longboards is a leading manufacturer in terms of product design. They achieve this through constant development of production technologies and their passion to produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing premium product. Rayne works hard to meet the high expectations of their customers worldwide.


The people behind Rayne are obsessed with constantly evolving their products. The engineers, shapers, team and artists work closely together to push the boundaries of longboard design and business. A small but world class company like Rayne will grow slowly but healthily, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of manufacturing, engineering and operations.


At Rayne, we believe that exceptional products deserve exceptional word-of-mouth advertising. All decisions, from shapes and design to materials and team riders, are based on the idea of creating a uniquely prestigious company. Their experience in production and product design makes the business run very well. And this for more than 18 years with little to no advertising.

In our Concrete Wave skateshop, the absolute top seller from Rayne is the Demonseed. A double drop longboard that sits extremely low on the road and can handle wheels up to 85mm without the risk of wheelbite.


Graham Buksa is the founder and owner of Rayne Longboards. Graham started the brand in 2004 and pioneered many leading designs and the original bamboo fiberglass downhill longboard. Throughout his career he has managed Rayne, competed in World Cup races and stood on many podiums with the Rayne downhill team. Graham continues to race, design new technology for Rayne products and pioneer work to keep the brand at the forefront of longboard development.


The name Rayne was derived from two leading ideals.

  • Reign: Control, dominance, supremacy
  • Rain: natural, ecologically friendly

The fusion of the two forms of the word was achieved through the unconventional spelling of the brand. The meaning derived from the two words reflects our core values and our mission in terms of our products and their impact: to make the best products while respecting the environment.

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