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In 1995, two friends founded Arbor to make environmental protection a guiding principle in the manufacture of their snowboard and skateboard products. Arbor would become the first action sports brand to focus on sustainability and formally commit to donating a portion of sales to environmental restoration. The story of how Arbor went from that idealistic start to the brand it is today has never been told.

Since 1995, Arbor's mission has been simple and unchanged: to combine innovative construction with aspects of traditional craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to sustainable materials and practices. Arbor sees this as the best way to deliver the performance and quality needed for the lifelong pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding and all the good times that happen along the way. Arbor is proud to highlight the athletes and artists who support this approach and contribute significantly to the brand's efforts. This mindful, collective style ensures that the planet is always considered when Arbor develops unique products for the pursuit of life's great lines.

Shortly after launching Arbor, they began converting old snowboards into skateboards with a large wheelbase, ideal for bombing hills when there was no snow. This led to the launch of their skateboard line and an expansion of their sustainability efforts and a discussion about its importance to action sports. With the skateboard line, they pioneered the field of bio-urethane and expanded their use of recycled materials as well as responsibly sourced wood and bamboo. Their goal is to build premium lifestyle skateboards with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Sustainable production of skateboards:

The cycle of sustainability is very important to Arbor Skateboards and they have developed their own step-by-step process for producing sustainable skateboards. They use only natural, highly renewable, sustainably sourced wood and bamboo from well-managed forests and other non-forest sources. They ensure that all forest products are sustainable and certified by trusted organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council. They process all forest products using methods that exploit every resource, maximize their materials and minimize their impact on the planet. They convert their natural fiber tops into structural layers that improve strength and durability and reduce their reliance on non-biodegradable composites.

Also important to them is the recovery of all wood by-products for use in other Arbor products or by outside companies, reducing the impact on landfills and forests. Regrind materials are incorporated into their Signature Series roller cores to achieve high performance while utilizing materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. They use recycled crushed glass for their ultra-clear Re-Grit surface, which leaves the natural grain of the deck highly visible while providing better performance. They support the reforestation of Hawaii's forests, giving back to the planet, the people, the place and the forests that provide the foundation for surfing snow, sidewalk and waves. ... and the cycle repeats itself.

Arbor is very proud to highlight athletes and artists who support this approach and make a significant contribution to their efforts. This mindful, collective style ensures that the planet is always considered when developing unique products for life's great lines.

Arbor Collective:

Arbor Collective has successfully collaborated with many artists for over 25 years and incorporated their style into their products. Some of them are: Jess Mudgett, DJ Javier, Boss Dog, El Rose, Ryan Lovelace, Tyler Warren, Brian Reedy, Michael Townsend, Hilary Jane, Zoe Keller, Cole Beal, Molly Steele, Aaron James Draplin, Connor Getzlaff, Henry Hablak, Jamie Browne, Oliver Hibert, Florian Schommer, Hannes Hummel, C.R. Stecyk III, Kyler Martz, Malika Favre, DZO, Kozyndan, Bill Connors, Dave Kinsey, Sylvia Ji, Derek Nobbs, Nanami Cowdroy, Hannah Stouffer, Pomme Chan, Dave Sheets, Eric Waetzig, Blaine Fontana, Hunter Patrick, Shawn McKinney, Jeff Soto, David Hale, Iaian MacArthur, Zach Johnsen, Jesse Reno, Haunted Euth, Ben Tour, Max Kauffman, Russ Mills, Stina Persson, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tadashi Ura, Randy Noborikawa, Mike Benninghoven, Jimiyo, Brian Morris, Rick Rietveld, Marka27, Chow Martin. As you can see, the list is long and that is by no means all the artists who are members of the Arbor Collective thanks to their unique art and designs.

In addition to snowboards (which we don't stock as a pure skateboard store), Arbor is particularly popular and appreciated in our store for its mini cruisers, skateboards, cruisers and longboards. The price-performance ratio is just right here and you always get the best quality for your money. The boards are made of very durable and sustainably produced wood, the trucks come from Paris Truck co. and the wheels impress with their shape and durability, plus they are fast and simply look good.

With the Shaper Series, Arbor has teamed up with Carver to develop the perfect complete surf skates. Thanks to the CX and C7 trucks from Carver, the optimum surf feeling is brought to the street. The Flagship series impresses with its wooden look and is simply timelessly beautiful. In the Foundation series you will find mini cruisers and freestyle longboards inspired by surfing. The Whiskey series provides stable skateboards. The Groundswell series offers a whole arsenal of surf-inspired guns for down-the-line cruising, slashing banks and old school carving. The Crosscut series offers hybrid shapes with a longer wheelbase for mixed street and freeride skating and for tricks at high speed. Arbor was an early adopter of bamboo, and each year they highlight its connection to culture, sustainable design and performance with the Bamboo Series.

Arbor Skateboards, Longboards & Cruiser:

The most popular boards are the Axis, a classic symmetrical drop-through board which, with its lengths of 37" and 40", is ideal for cruising for beginners and advanced riders alike. The Dropcruiser is a double drop deck that allows you to ride longer distances without putting too much strain on your knees. Among the mini cruisers, the Pilsner, Pocket Rocket and the Sizzler are worth a look and are the ideal travel companions thanks to their compact size. The Axel Serrat Pro models from the Crosscut series offer the perfect mix of street and freeride action.

Arbor Collective - Crossing The Grain

Crossing the Grain tells the story of 25 years of Arbor Collective in 45 minutes. Absolutely worth seeing, in our opinion.

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