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souljah griptape

Souljah Griptape

Souljahgrip International is the perfect griptape for anyone looking for a griptape with that extra bit of flick. The grit is not too coarse, but offers the most grip of all griptapes. The Souljah Clear Griptape is also the most durable clear griptape available.

Skateboard Griptape from Barcelona

Souljah-Griptape was founded in 2012 by Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg. We at appreciate the good quality, longevity and also the always personal and direct contact with the company that runs its business from Barcelona.

Freeskatemag: Tiago Lemos – Souljah

  • Filmed by: Eric Iwakura, Pekka Lovas, Alex Kissinger, Alan Hannon.
  • Video editing by: Alan Hannon.
  • Thanks to Free Skate Mag

Free Skate Mag has been consistently releasing incredible videos, and this one from Tiago Lemos is no exception. The quick-footed heelflip in the opening line will make your jaw drop as it sets the stage for what's to come. Tiago rips spot after spot with style, ease and his stunning pop.

Souljah Skate-Dreamteam

  • Florentin Marfaing, Barcelona
  • Thierry Gormit, St Germain En Laye / Paris
  • Bastien Salabanz,i Dijon
  • Patrick Zentgraf, Arnstadt
  • Jan Meusen, Krefeld
  • Danny Wainwright, Bristol
  • Badreddine Lababsi, Agadir
  • Thomas Kolousis, Thessaloniki
  • Luy Pa Sin, Trat, Thailand
  • Carlos Wong, Torreón, Mexico
  • Marcos Mama, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Carlos Iqui, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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