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Independent trucks:

Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Founded in 1978, the company is now owned by NHS inc and sponsors an extensive roster of professional skateboarders. The trucks are produced in San Francisco USA by Emrico Enterprises Inc., the only foundry in America dedicated exclusively to the production of skateboard trucks.

The story of Independent:

Independent was founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson. It all started with the Stage 1 axle. It was presented to the public for the first time on May 23, 1978 in Newark, California USA. According to Team Rider Rick Blackhart, the Independent Axle (or Indy) was founded in response to the then market leaders Bennett Trucks and Tracker Trucks. According to Blackhart, one of these axles broke constantly and one barely steered. Independent was supposed to revolutionize the market, eradicate the mistakes of the others, and did so successfully.

Independent Cross Logo:

The former cult logo of the Indy Axles, the Alisee cross (often confused with the iron cross) was designed after a photo in TIME magazine of Pope John Paul the 2nd. He wore the cross on his robe. Since the introduction of Independent, this cross has stood for the company. Unfortunately, the cross has since been removed as the company logo and is no longer used by Independent Trucks. #bringbackthecross

Independent team:

Independent Trucks is the market leader in the skateboard truck industry today, and will probably keep this position forever! The team includes well-known skateboarders such as: David Gravette, Jake Wooten, Lance Mountain, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Kenny Anderson, Alex Olson, Andrew Reynolds, Jawn Gardner, Will Mazzari, Luan Oliveira, Leo Romero, Grant Taylor, Geoff Rowley, Aaron Herrington, Brian Anderson, Erik Winkowski, Anthony Van Engelen, Ethan Loy, Ben Raybourn, Evan Smith, Jim Greco, Mark Gonzales, Nassim Lachhab, Omar Hassan, Bucky Lasek, Tiago Lemos, Kevin Baekkel, Felipe Nunes, Louie Lopez, Madars Apse, Sammy Montano, Justin Figueroa aka Figgy and many more. Independenttruckco has the who's who of skateboarding in their team!

Which independent trucks are available?

The Independent axles have now reached the 11th version (Stage 11). They are available as a mid version with an inverted kingpin. These are perfect for technical street skating, as the 52mm height is flatter and therefore offers more grind clearance. Wheels should not be skated larger than 52mm without risers, as the risk of wheelbite increases. The classic Stage11 is an all-terrain truck for all types of skating and is 55mm high. It is therefore also ideal for wheels over 54mm. The Hollow Independent Trucks are 7% lighter than the classic Stage11 version and have a hollow axle pin and kingpin at 55mm height. The Forged Hollow is 10% lighter with a height of 53.5mm. In addition to the hollow axle pin and kingpin, it also has an ultra-stable, cold-forged baseplate. For those who want even more, there is the Indy Forged Titanium. 15% lighter, 53.5mm height, ultra light with the best durability to weight ratio.

Skateboards are available in different widths depending on taste and intended use. Accordingly, Independent Truck Co. offers trucks to suit the most common deck widths. A brief overview: 109 for 6.25"-7.6", 129 for 7.4"-7.8", 139 for 7.8"-8.2", 144 for 8.2"-8.375", 149 for 8.375"-8.6", 159 for 8.6"-9", 169 for 9"-9.5", 215 for 9.5"-10.5". Independent...Trucks you can trust!

For us, Independent is the axle company par excellence. Many employees and some team riders build their skateboards exclusively with Indys. Have a look at our team page to see which setups our team is currently skating.

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