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Paris Truck Co.

When you imagine one of the biggest longboard truck companies, you might not think that it was actually a street skater who came up with the idea for a new, ground-breaking longboard truck. But that was exactly the case when Joey Pulsifer founded Paris Truck Co. in 2006.

The history of Paris Truck Company

basically started with a visit to a skate store when Pulsifer and a few friends saw a group of kids buying longboards off the rack. In an epiphanic moment, he and the crew decided to start their own company, Riviera Skateboards. After working out the initial ideas for the company, the question soon arose: which trucks should be used for these boards? Pulsifer was dissatisfied with the options available at the time and decided to take matters into his own hands.

A look at history shows that there were only a handful of longboard trucks on the market at the time, including Randal, Alpine, Bear and Gullwing. The Paris V1 filled a gap in quality with a completely new design. With what would later be recognized as the new standard for reverse kingpin (RKP) longboard trucks, the V1 introduced a smoother and cleaner looking creation than the primitive designs that were available at the time. The V1's are not just a looker, but a real head turner in terms of performance. With their new open bushing seat, these trucks allowed for a larger turning radius that opened the door to a surf-like flow that most longboarders had never experienced.

Paris Trucks versions

As the V1's made their way through the longboarding community, they took off over the next six years. By this time, Caliber Trucks had infiltrated the market in 2010 and was well received for their provocative advertising and appeal to the growing freeride community. Although the two truck manufacturers were never in direct competition due to their differing interests in marketing, team riders and content production, Paris responded to an update that had long been in the works by introducing the V2 trucks in late 2012. A cleaner version of the original, these new trucks looked even more refined on the outside and included technical revisions on the inside, such as hangers that no longer bent as quickly.

In the past few years since their release, the Paris V2's have still remained the standard for a colorful RKP axle with a deep turn-in. Although this has been their most recognizable truck over the years, they have taken things in other directions along the way: most notably with the 2014 release of the Savants. With the demands of the downhill racing and freeride communities in mind, these trucks feature a forged hanger for high-level strength. Unlike other Paris trucks, the Savants feature a narrower bushing seat for increased stability and more predictable turns. Together with the improved washers, speed rings and pivot cups, the Savants are a perfect example of Paris Trucks' ability to innovate, even on one of the most successful longboard trucks on the market.


We have spared no expense in the production of the Paris V3. Inspired by the incredible advances longboarding has seen in recent years, we've pushed the boundaries of our manufacturing process to deliver the most advanced cast iron longboard truck the world has ever seen. We are excited to introduce the Paris V3.

The features of the Paris V3:

  • Axle width: 8.5" (215mm)
  • Weight: 15.4 ounces
  • Proprietary alloy molding process
  • True T6 heat treatment
  • Stronger, redesigned hanger
  • SCM440 alloy steel axles
  • Improved 90a urethane bushing formula
  • Redesigned conical bushing shape
  • Lighter, reinforced baseplate
  • Redesigned SCM435 alloy steel kingpins
  • 96a hand-cast urethane pivot cups
  • 50° baseplate marking symbols

Skate Team

Another important pillar of the Paris Truck Co. brand is the support of an international team of riders to engage skaters worldwide. On the importance of an international sphere of influence, Team Manager Ryan Ricker said, "PARIS IS A GLOBAL BRAND. WE WANT TO REACH ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD BECAUSE WE HAVE STORES AND DISTRIBUTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND A GREAT TEAM OF RIDERS."

Ricker went on to say that it was important to allow the team to work together: "Bringing them together is one of our favorite things to do. We want to bring as many of our drivers together as possible to show what the brand is all about and foster camaraderie within the team through outings and events that showcase everyone's unique talents." To promote these values, Paris Trucks has made it a point to go beyond just product flow and have an active presence at local events. Whether at a Dock Session gathering in Venice Beach or in Paris itself, Paris Trucks makes it a point to have its team riders out in full force to show off tricks and spread the excitement.

All in all, it looks like Paris Truck Co. is primed for a continued successful future. After a recent change of distributorship from their friends at Arbor, the Paris crew has found a new home in Culver City under the Loaded/Orangatang umbrella. Paris Trucks remains 100% independently owned and has plans for further innovation when the time is right. It is in the nature of axle development that their improvement plans will be slow and subtle, but ultimately permanent. Aside from research and development, the Paris team will continue to strive to create an inclusive riding environment for longboarders, be it here in L.A. or anywhere else their trucks take them. (via stoked)

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