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OJ wheels

OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ Wheels was founded in 1977 and was characterized from the beginning by a bright orange urethane and a shape specially developed for skateparks. Four decades later, OJ Wheels makes skateboard urethane for any terrain. Fast, loose and always fun. OJ Wheels wants to get skateboarders all over the world to skate with their crew.

OJ Wheels Hot Juice

Over the years, OJ Wheels has constantly developed and improved its products. In the 1980s, the brand introduced its "Super Juice" formula, which offered even better grip and durability than previous wheels. In the 1990s, OJ Wheels began experimenting with different shapes and sizes of its wheels and introduced the "Hot Juice" line of wheels designed for specific skateboarding styles.

From its humble beginnings in the 1970s to its position among the market leaders today, OJ Wheels has always been dedicated to producing high-quality products and supporting the skateboard community.

OJ Urethane

Simply the best! No matter whether you

  • skate in the park
  • skate in the bowl
  • or cruising down the street
  • OJ has a team-tested wheel for every area of skateboarding.


Ditch the Quiver with Double Duros: With an inner hardness of 95a and an outer hardness of 101a, the Double Duros combine the advantages of a soft and a hard wheel that have proven themselves in rough terrain while offering the speed and glide of a performance wheel. The perfect skateboard wheel for an imperfect world. Double or nothing.


OJ's premium urethane for performance skateboarding. Tested and selected by OJ's pros, Elite Urethane guarantees more speed, a longer-lasting roll and performance on any terrain.


Original performance urethane is used for OJ's Re-Issue wheels. Smooth and fast rolling on most surfaces, even in the skatepark.


Entry-level performance urethane. From Concentrate rolls well on most terrains. A good choice for someone who wants to try skateboarding.


This urethane provides a smoother roll on most surfaces. You will ride faster with less effort and avoid getting stuck on most rocks and cracks.


Slightly harder wheel that still offers a smooth and fast roll on most surfaces. Ideal for commuters and new rippers learning how to skate. These wheels do not slip. They are therefore ideal for filming skateboard lines.


Chubbies are the latest shape from OJ_Wheels. OJ took their mini combo shape and made them symmetrical.

wide. round. plumb.

Erick Winkowski

Erick Winkowski's designs and skating speak for themselves. Winkowski's Pro wheels are also impressive and are often graphically inspired by his Santa Cruz Pro decks.

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What a year for the OJ crew. Sit back and check out all the hits and rips from our boys in 2023. Guaranteed to be juicy, to say the least. 2023 was juicy, now 2025 can come for OJ Wheels! ;)

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