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Rocket Longboards

Rocket Longboards

ROCKET longboards are manufactured in our own workshop in the heart of the Swiss Alps. What once began as a one-man business now consists of four people. But every single board is still handcrafted from start to finish. Innovation is one of their main goals when developing new shapes and concaves. The Rocket Crew uses only certified wood and the best reinforcing fibers that are perfectly matched to their respective areas of use. That's why our boards are lighter and more durable than other longboards on the market. All our decks are CNC milled and meet the highest quality standards. We invest a lot of time in development, always pushing the limits and raising the bar every year. After all, this is our passion. By skaters for skaters!

ROCKET history In 2009 I was introduced to board building by the German longboard forum and Silverfish. There were some really good board builders showing off their boards. I saw them and wanted to try it out too. Instead of just clamping plywood together, I wanted to try out the right material. So my first board was birch with a light poplar core, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Building that board got me absolutely hooked. I wanted to build more and try new things. The boards became lighter and more complex. Some were foam cores with no wood at all: just foam, carbon and polycarbonate bumpers weighing less than 2.2 lbs. After feeling some demand for the boards I was building, I worked on the first official ROCKET line for about 1.5 years. Doing this alongside my "real" job was pretty intense, but the result was great. With the new presses I developed, I was able to bend the wood into some crazy concavities that didn't exist at the time. Combined with my knowledge of composites, the boards became light and stiff. At the end of 2013, I officially launched ROCKET Longboards as a brand and started selling the boards. Since then, ROCKET has grown year on year and is now an integral part of the longboard community.

Why is ROCKET different?

The materials, the concaves and the philosophy make ROCKET longboards unique. The materials: All ROCKET boards are made from certified, sustainable wood that is embedded between carbon, glass or flax fibers. The type of fibers, their weave and surface weight are precisely matched to the board's intended use. LAF technology with its ultra-light wood core and urethane edges is the next level of board construction. Concaves: With my self-developed pneumatic presses and CNC-milled molds, I can create some of the most unique 3D concaves on the market. Innovation meets comfort. The philosophy: ROCKET Longboards is not just another company trying to jump on the hype bandwagon. It has slowly evolved into what it is now. I started building boards because I love longboarding. What once started as a one-man company now consists of four people. All the influences come directly from longboarders like my team riders and friends. It's actually the best example of "by longboarders - for longboarders".

Even though owner Dani Iseli's board building story began earlier, the first ROCKET boards were officially sold in 2013. We want to celebrate that. Even though we are now represented in various disciplines, our heart still beats for downhill. That's where we started and that's what we're still passionate about. That's why we have completely overhauled our downhill line for 2023.


For 2023 we have completely redesigned and modernized the Hades, for the 4th time since its creation in 2012. It shows how important the board still is. It has become shorter and narrower and has shorter wheelbase options. This makes it the perfect race board for taller riders and those with bigger feet. Anyone who can't fold onto a mini board will feel at home here. Thanks to the light rocker and the flares positioned far forward, you can stand directly on the front truck. The steep rocker at the tail together with the W-concave and the wheel flares form a pocket that positions the foot securely in the tuck. This means you can chug fast sweepers for longer without having to change your foot. These are the important details when every tenth of a second counts.

Phoenix Tristan Cardillo Pro

The Phoenix is a race board with some freeride influences. We designed it together with former European Junior Champion Tristan Cardillo. The board has a unique 2-step drop profile. A second drop starts behind the front foot, creating two W concave pockets that trap the back foot. It's hard to explain, but it feels great underfoot. Thanks to the combination of wheel flares and CNC machined wheel wells, this board has great wheel clearance to rock big race wheels even on narrow trucks. Different wheelbase options give you maximum freedom when choosing your setup. The 2023 version is slightly stiffer and offers a more durable and responsive construction. With the additional, shorter wheelbase option at the front, you can stand closer to the front axle. This gives you even more control at high speed.

Micro Ian Freire Pro 2023

The Micro is a very modern race board with similar characteristics to the Macro and the original Ian Freire Pro, only compressed to a smaller size. It has a symmetrical foot platform with wide wheel flares, a steeper concave in the center of the board and a full-length rocker. This board is the least restrictive of our mini boards and fills a gap in our line-up. It gives you the reference points you need without restricting your stance. It's also our only mini board without a W Concave. The 2023 version is slightly stiffer and has a more durable and responsive construction. With the additional, shorter wheelbase option at the front, you can stand closer to the front truck. This gives you even more control at speed.

Leon Antoine Carlotti Pro

The Leon is the invention of Antoine Carlotti. It stands for the versatility of his skating. Like a chameleon, it adapts perfectly to its surroundings. Whether in an urban environment or on mountain roads, the Leon has everything it needs to increase dopamine levels. As with the Rooster and Rhino, we have opted for an elliptical concave. This offers incredible board control without being too restrictive. The long, medium-steep kicktail is perfect for ollies, kickflips and Antoine's specialty, tre flips. The kicktail is also reinforced with an extra layer of fiberglass to give it a stronger and longer-lasting pop. A small nose completes its freestyle capabilities. As soon as it gets steeper, the Leon shows a different color. Thanks to the rocker and light wheel flares in the front and a micro drop in the back, it locks you in perfectly and turns the board into a freeride beast. The perfectly tuned construction ensures that the Leon is stiff enough for fast descents and yet forgiving enough for tricks and freeride antics. Actually, the Leon can do almost everything except change its color. We're still working on that...

You can find all Rocket boards in our webshop and ConcreteWave skateshop in Cologne Ehrenfeld. If something is not available, we will try to order it for you as soon as possible!

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