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BTFL Longboards

BTFL Longboards

BTFL stands for Beautiful, and this name says it all. We have a close connection to BTFL Boards, as the company is based in Cologne Ehrenfeld, just like us, and we support Deborah Keser (Debby), a team rider who is responsible for the designs and many other processes behind the company for female customers. BTFL originally started with innovative longboards specifically for female customers. Since its foundation in 2015, they have found their way into the German longboard industry. The design tailored to female body sizes and weights and the individual technical features of BTFL boards also allow lighter, more petite female riders to cruise comfortably on their BTFL longboards. They make it easier for beginners to get started and also give advanced riders the opportunity to push their limits.

The high-quality, technologically sophisticated boards are made from Canadian maple and bamboo and some models also contain fiberglass. The shapes of the longboards have been designed and developed based on years of practical experience with female riders and have a distinctive look. Inspired by the latest skating and fashion trends, BTFL boards always attract attention on the street and in the parks. A team of young designers and experienced technicians at BTFL - "beautiful longboards and rollerskates" - develops boards and skates especially for young women. You will never find the skates in our skate store, but we can highly recommend the boards. If you can't find an item on our website, please write to us, we can quickly reorder everything for you if available.

Skate Pro had the opportunity to speak to our team rider Debby from BTFL to find out what inspired the only female brand.

Deborah, how did you come up with the idea for BTFL, and why longboards specifically for women?

Longboarding is generally more popular with girls than skateboarding. We at BTFL want to support and promote this movement. Of course, we haven't invented the ultimate girls' longboard, but we want to put together longboards that are visually and technically more suitable for girls.

Our boards are easy to ride, especially for beginners, as we use very soft bushings and try to make the board as light as possible. Most of our graphics are hand-painted by girls, so we try to give them a feminine touch. Even though advanced riders would say that the look doesn't matter, for most beginners it does. Many girls are attracted to our boards because of their looks. But our boards are not only beautiful, they are also technically well thought out, developed by longboard riders and offer a wide range of needs for every woman.

Are you saying that longboarding is more feminine and skateboarding is reserved for boys?

Or are there any limits? There shouldn't be any boundaries. Skateboarding is not reserved for boys, but it's a very male-dominated sport. Girls are very inconspicuous in skateboarding, even if they are just as good as the boys. I think girls need inspiration from other girls, but in such a male-dominated sport it's really hard to be seen.

Longboarding is generally easier than skateboarding. It makes it easier for girls who have nothing to do with board sports to feel comfortable on the board. So now there are more girls taking part and inspiring other girls too. The scene is smaller and less rough than the skateboarding scene, which minimizes the fear of contact.

What would be your first reaction if you saw a man on a BTFL longboard? Nice! :-D

What inspires you to longboard?

The scene and the family atmosphere. I'm really into longboard dancing. What makes every event so great is all the people who share the same passion and support each other, whether you're a man or a woman. It's not about competition and being better than others. In my experience, these qualities apply to all longboard scenes, whether you're downhill/freeriding or just cruising.

How would you inspire other women to take to the boards?

I've already inspired girls by simply cruising through the city. They were impressed by how safely I rode, ignored stupid comments and simply had confidence in me and my board. I also think it's easier to inspire and be inspired, especially through social media. You can inspire people who live on the other side of the world through photos and videos. But however you handle your public appearance, if you do what you love, inspiration can start at your own doorstep.

Last question - Who has the power?

All the girls out there who are breaking down prejudices against women by simply doing what they love, inspiring and supporting other women, whether they are longboarding, skateboarding or other male-dominated sports.

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