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Robotron Skateboards

Like us, Robotron are also from Cologne and (like us) extremely likeable. Good quality and fresh designs come together here. You shouldn't always take everything so seriously in life, the board graphics from Robotron embody this attitude perfectly! The brand doesn't take itself too seriously and is always a good source of fun board graphics.


The Robotron professional skateboard team includes (or included): Lutz Schreier, Tim Janke, Justin Ernst, Fatos Veseli, Julian Ruhe, Daniel Pannemann, Carsten Beneker, Daniel Giesecke, Vanessa Konte, Kalle Wiehn and Niklas Speer von Cappeln.

Sleibnir Skateboards

Believe it or not, Robotron Skateboards may be older than you are, but it's still in amazing shape! The current brand was founded in Cologne in 2006, but its roots go back to 2000, when Robotron launched the first series of boards under the old - and rather silly - company name "Sleibnir Skateboards".

Cologne Skateboard Factory

At the Cologne skateboard factories of Robotron Skateboards, great importance is attached to clean workmanship and precise craftsmanship. Both in the production and in the execution by the professional employees.

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