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Besides Powell Peralta and Bones wheels, Spitfire are the most popular skateboard wheels in our store in Cologne and also worldwide. This is not without reason, but read for yourself what makes the brand so special!

Spitfire Wheels revolutionized skateboard wheels and made the company one of the most popular skateboard brands of all time. They are undeniably one of, if not the best, skateboard wheel manufacturers in the world. They are consistently the top choice of the pros and if you flick through the pages of Thrasher or watch the latest skate video, it's no surprise to see the famous Spitfire head on clothing and boards with the popular wheels spinning underneath.

Founder of Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire was founded in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud from San Francisco and is part of the Deluxe Distribution family, which includes other prestigious brands such as Real, Thunder Trucks, Venture, Krooked and Anti Hero Skateboards. Jim Thiebaud's skateboarding career and contribution to skateboarding is incredible and extensive. Highlights include riding as an amateur for Powell-Peralta, as a pro for Santa Monica Airlines, and co-founding Real Skateboards with former Powell-Peralta teammate Tommy Guerrero, a skateboard team that became one of the most influential teams in skateboarding. Jim is one of the guys who keeps the wheels rolling at Deluxe Distribution and is actively involved in the future of skateboarding. He is known for being one of the nicest people in skateboarding and has been instrumental in starting worthwhile charities and organizations in skateboarding that give back, support those in need and uphold the idea that skateboarders take care of their own. It's this same mentality that has made Spitfire the company it is - by skateboarders for skateboarders!

What inspired the brand?

From today's perspective, the skateboard wheels of the 1960s were primitive. They were small, simply shaped and made of either metal or a kind of hard baked clay that often splintered. Neither material contributed to the creativity of skateboarding. A major breakthrough came in 1973 when Frank Nasworthy from Encinitas, California, introduced the first skateboard wheels made of polyurethane polymer. These extremely durable, lightly cushioned polymer wheels inspired Spitfire Wheels to develop further. Their reputation is hard earned and well deserved, which is why they are known and respected worldwide as the best. Their wheels are cast and molded by hand in the USA and have been continuously improved for nearly 35 years.

Why are Spitfire Wheels so popular?

Spitfire Wheels developed higher quality polyurethane skateboard wheels. The wheels produced much greater performance on any type of surface. Riders enjoyed improved rebound and consistent high speed. There was even a higher level of traction than had ever been experienced. But best of all, the wheels were amazingly resistant to flatspots, making them incredibly durable. Today, they should withstand daily rolling for at least a couple of years, and if ridden on concrete, they could last for years. Spitfire Wheels has continued to refine its secret polyurethane compound, developing high-performance wheels that are perfectly suited to a range of skateboarding activities.

How the Spitfire wheels have developed over the years.

Over the years, Spitfire Wheels has developed several series of outstanding skateboard wheels. They are aerodynamically structured, with angled, contoured edges that add a special touch to skateboard cruising and tricks. The range offers a wide selection of Classics, Chargers and Formula Four, making Spitfire Wheels ideal for professional riders, amateurs and even beginners.


This series dates back to the early days of Spitfire Wheels. They were originally developed for cruising on the street and are still one of the most popular wheel shapes. The Classic is a traditional design with a sharply cut wheel edge and a generous width. It is now available in two degrees of hardness: the 99, which is suitable for the street, and the 101, which performs great in skateparks.


These Streetcruiser Wheels are designed to absorb the shocks of hitting the cracks and crevices of uneven sidewalks. Developed from a much softer version of the Spitfire Wheels formula, they achieve a hardness rating of 80, giving the wheels a cushioned flexibility that ensures a comfortable ride. The Chargers still have a reliable hardness that makes the wheels compatible with performing tricks. So if you're looking for a wheel that you can also use to cruise to the skate spot, you've come to the right place!

Formula Four.

The latest edition of Spitfire Wheels is Formula Four, the most technologically advanced of the range. It includes different subcategories that offer riders designs that match their favorite skateboarding actions. Formula Four tablets are technical wheels with a hardness of 99 or 101, making them incredibly durable. A well-defined core and optimal width make them a great choice for the park or the bowl. They are ideal for tricks and have excellent flatspot resistance. Formula Four Radials are very responsive wheels with a pleasantly curved core that provide excellent control. The Radial Slim wheels are particularly light. Conical Full is the widest version of the series. They offer a reliable response and a high level of traction and provide additional stability when cruising on the street, in the bowl or in the skate park.

Spitfire Wheels Durometer

Skateboard wheels are classified according to their hardness level, which indicates the purpose for which they are suitable. The level is usually defined by numbers such as 80 and 101. In general, the higher the number, the harder the wheels. Spitfire Wheels has expanded the system by introducing a color coding that corresponds to the different ratings. Light blue 80 for street skating, easy tricks Light blue with red 92, 95 for park Yellow or blue: 99 a general all-rounder Red or green: 101 for street riding.

Spifire Wheels Logo.

The grinning cartoon face that appears on Spitfire Wheels was designed by Kevin Ancell. With its sharply curved teeth and flame-like hair, the logo captures the spirit and energy of a Spitfire, a person with a bold, determined and fiery personality. It fits perfectly with the daredevil endeavors of the skateboarders who use Spitfire Wheels. The logo appears in different colors on the wheels, but is mainly red when representing the brand.

Spitfire Wheels collaborations.

Spitfire Wheels has its own extensive clothing collection with T-shirts and hoodies, but also regularly collaborates with many well-known brands. These include Vans, which produces stylish shoes with excellent traction that are ideal for skateboarding.

Spitfire Team.

The team has produced many highly successful riders, including Mark Gonzales, a veteran who started skateboarding in 1984 and is often credited with popularizing the sport. Tony Trujillo from Santa Rosa is known for his aggressive style, no doubt fueled by his favorite heavy metal music. Anthony 'AVE' Van Engelen has been a pro since 1999, at the age of 21, and has since founded his own skateboard company. Other riders include Nassim Guammaz, Raney Beres, Zered Bassett, Lance Mountain, Ishod Wair, Dennis Busenitz, John Cardiel, Eric Koston, Evan Smith, Jamie Foy, Shane O'Neill, Theotis Beasley, Erik Ellington, Andrew Reynolds, Sean Malto Guy Mariano, Chris Cole, Billy Valdes, Ricky Oyola, Brian Young, Joey Suriel, Drake Jones, Ed Templeton, Jonas Wray, Ethan Fowler, Brian Chung, Fabian Alomar, Jamie Thomas, Jason Dill, Max Schaaf, Jerry Fowler, Julien Stranger, Sean Young, Tim Upson. and Thrasher's current Skater of the Year, Mason Silva - just to name a few! The company's first video, "Spitfire", was released in 1993 and featured legends Ed Templeton, Jonas Wray, Jamie Thomas, Jason Dill and Julien Stranger, among others. Of particular note are Andrew Reynolds' introductory film, Mike Mo Capaldi's introductory film (a sort of "sponsor me" video) and Daewon Song's promotional video for the "Enter the Daewon" signature wheel model.

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