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ACE trucks

ACE Trucks was founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay and Steve "Shrewgy" Ruge. With a wealth of knowledge between the two, their common goal was to create the best performing trucks skateboarding has ever seen. This proved to be simple by definition, but a little more difficult by execution. ACE survived the difficult early years and slowly built an impressive team that grew along with the brand's popularity over the years. The Ace Trucks MfG team now includes some impressive skateboarders and ACE has managed to get the who's who of the skateboard scene on the Ace team: Brian Anderson, Julien Stranger, Leo Baker, Mike Arnold, Jamie Platt, Ville Wester, Didrik "Deedz" Galasso, Sage Elsesser, Kevin Rodrigues, John Cardiel, Chris Pastras, Kikuchi Taisei, Shogo Zama, Ibu Sanyang, Jost Arens, Kenny Kopf, Remy Taveira, Jake Reuter, Neil Blender, Lee Ralph, Shin Sanbongi, Ronnie Sandoval, Nick Boserio, Brian Delatorre, Brad McClain, Max Palmer, Harry Lintell, Jacopo Carozzi, Eli Reed, Tom Remillard, Alex Olson, Anakin Senn, Vinnie Banh, Gou Miyagi, Jason Adams, Matt Rodriguez, Shota Kubo, Jesse Alba, Terrell Newell and Evan Mock.

In 2017, Joey Pulsifer was welcomed as the third partner at ACE, coming on board with innovative concepts to improve the strength and functionality of the axles. In April 2021, ACE introduced the AF1, the world's strongest cast axle. This would prove to be a pivotal point in the brand's evolution, cementing its place as one of the most sought-after skateboard trucks in the world. ACE is available around the world and continues to be operated by Mesa Distribution with main locations in the Los Angeles area and Barcelona, Spain.

Ace Classic Truck

Our proven classic. 7071 aluminum and 3056 steel axles offer performance that has stood the test of time. Tapered hanger ends and oversized axle pins allow for better bearing performance. This is where we started, and our evolution continues with the Classic model line that offers unmatched steering and grind performance at a price everyone can enjoy.

Ace AF1

The all-new ACE AF1 offers breakthrough performance without deviating from the original Ace geometry. The AF1 is carefully crafted using the proprietary casting process. After years of development, the structural integrity of the aluminum in the ACE AF1 has been increased by 70%, making it the strongest cast axle on the market. The sizes of the models have been updated from 44 to 77 to ensure a better fit for different board widths.


The new ACE AF1 HOLLOWS feature a hollow axle pin and a hollow kingpin, making them the lightest AF1 ever. The AF1 is carefully manufactured using our proprietary casting process. The Hollows are a full 8.6% lighter than standard AF1 trucks.

Ace Hollow Bolts w/ Grippers

Well, you've never seen anything like it! Leave it to Ace to push the limits and lighten your load with the new Hollow Bolts. Not only that, they have integrated mini grippers that allow you to assemble your board with just one tool.

Ace Re-Threader Dies

What is it? These hardened steel dies (nuts) fit into any skate tool or wrench and allow you to "hunt" (re-cut) your damaged axle ends or kingpins. The carabiner is a handy way to keep track of these dies. Ace Re-Threading Kingpin Nut: Have you ever met someone who owns a kingpin nut with a re-threading function? Unless you are one of the very first in the world to get one of these, the answer is no! This particular kingpin nut is made from hardened steel and has a built-in re-threading function. Ace Re-Threading Axle Nut: Well, what do we have here? These special axle nuts are actually made of hardened steel and have a built-in re-threading function. These come standard on all AF1 models, but you can upgrade your Classics by getting 1, 2 or 4 (enough for 2 trucks). If you haven't upgraded your Ace trucks yet, they will work on all other axles too.

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