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Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards from San Francisco was founded in 1990 by street skateboarding pioneers Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud, who were dissatisfied with their sponsorship with Powell. The company has developed into a real company and is now one of the longest established skateboard companies in the world. Real is part of DLXSF.

Real Teamrider

The pro riders who are and have been supported by Real Skateboards now include many of the best skaters in the industry, such as Kyle Walker, Peter Ramondetta, Jimmy Wilkins, Dennis Busenitz, Nicole Hause, JT Aultz, Zion Wright, Jack Olson, Max Schaaf, Keith Hufnagel, Ernie Torres, Chima Ferguson, Mason Silva, Tanner van Vark, Jake Donnelly, James Hardy, Harry Lintel and Ishod Wair. There is also a real am team with Javin Garvey, Patrick Praman, Gage Boyle, Christian Henry, Nate Viands, Dan Mancina and Hermann Stene.

Construction of Real Skateboards:

Another special feature of Real Skateboards is its extremely durable construction. One construction for all? Hell no! Not all skaters are the same - why should their boards be? Believing that the performance and feel of your deck is important, Real Skateboards set out to make the best boards for skateboarders. They have never been about one board fits all, but about decks that allow skaters to choose exactly what they want to skate individually. Unlike many other companies, Real Skateboards does not make special decks for their team riders and then sell decks of inferior quality. Real Skateboards sell the same decks that the team rides. That's how it should be. Choose the deck that you like best. Real Skateboards' shapes are called Full Shape (with more width from nose to tail) and Full SE (with a shorter wheelbase for faster response), thank you for being a part of REAL. The R1 construction is Real Skateboards signature construction. Guaranteed stronger pop over time. R1 Construction decks are made with an exclusive technique that produces stronger, more durable and better performing skateboard decks.

True universal press molds use the same pressure over the entire surface of each deck to ensure a centered, consistent and durable concave. Two X-bands make each deck stiff and strong, but also allow just enough flex for maximum pop and response. Real Slick: Slide anywhere - guaranteed No more snagging on rough edges, getting stuck on rails, sticky covers or rusty bumpers. REAL Slick Decks = Full Deck Slide everywhere REAL Slicks are made from an exclusive, durable, ribbed polymer that is fused to the bottom layer of the R1 deck. Heat instead of glue provides a lighter, stiffer ride that slides everywhere. Long lasting full deck coverage, less surface drag, stiff and damn fun to ride.

Real Skate videos:

Real Skateboards has also released some videos worth watching over the years:

  • The Real Video / 1993
  • Non-Fiction / 1997
  • Kicked Out Of Everywhere / 1999
  • Real To Reel / 2001
  • Recipe For Disaster / 2002
  • Seeing Double / 2002
  • Roll Forever / 2005
  • Life and Times / 2006
  • Remix Project V.1.1 / 2007
  • From The Vaults Vol. 1 / 2007
  • Since Day One / 2011
  • Through and Through / 2015
  • By any Means / 2017
  • From Here to There / 2019
  • Be Free / 2020
  • Real Presents Ishod / 2022.
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