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Creature Skateboards

If you like wider boards and horror graphics, then we have a range of scary decks from Creature Skateboards for you in the ConcreteWave skateshop.

The decks are stable and durable, with seven layers of maple as the primary material. The decks are designed with the iconic Creature logo and "evil" graphics such as dragons, devils, skeletons and snakes. The brand also offers durable and high-quality skateboard accessories and parts such as griptape, skateboard wax and rails. If you don't have time to assemble your skateboard, Creature Skateboards also offers pre-assembled and customized skateboards.

What creature decks are there?

The skateboard deck shapes from Creature are available as classic popsicles from 7.75" to 9.25". Stumps are also classic skateboard shapes, but have an extra short wheelbase. The popular Creature Custom Shapes are available as Square Tail, Football, Pig, Tombstone, Wheelbarrow, Navarette, Martinez, Parts SM, Parts MD and Parts LG Shape. The Everslick decks slide extra long thanks to a special plastic layer and keep the graphics looking fresh for longer. Craeture VX decks are particularly stable and have 5 layers of North American maple combined with 2 layers of Quad X fiberglass material. Powerply Creature skateboards have a special inlay on the nose and tail to keep the pop for an incredibly long time! The skateboard completes are made of high-quality components: DECK: Lightweight, super strong 7-ply maple construction. WHEELS: Smooth-running, durable wheels with 83a hardness (Super Micro & Micro) or 95a hardness (Mini - Large Size) made of highly resilient urethane. ADHESIVE High-quality, professional griptape and adhesive. AXLE Strong, lightweight cast aluminum trucks with 85a bushings (Super Micro & Micro) or 90a bushings (Mini - Large Size) for easy steering. BALL BEARINGS Durable high-speed precision steel bearings with oil lubrication for easy rolling.

When was Creature founded?

Creature Skateboards was founded in 1994 by former Santa Monica Airlines team manager and artist Russ Pope (which may surprise you if you're more familiar with that name from his newer and less scary skateboard company Transportation Unit). The original team lineup consisted of Barker Barrett, Jason Adams and Darren Naverrette. But shortly after Adams and Pope founded Scarecrow Skateboards in 1995, the brand was put on hold for half a decade. That was until the early 2000s, when NHS Distribution (home of Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks and OJ Wheels) brought the brand back from the dead - a fitting part of the company's history given its love of horror and ongoing visuals that pay homage to the genre.

With the current incarnation led by original team riders Darren 'The Vert Vampire' Naverrette and Lee Charron, the company has become one of the most popular brands amongst Transition skateboarders, which is no surprise as their decks tend to lean towards the bigger end of the spectrum and the company offers some of the widest boards on the market. Considering their current team includes Transition beasts Chris Russel, Jimmy Wilkins, Taylor Bingaman, Truman Hooker, Willis Kimbel and Livingston's best man, Stu Graham, it's even less surprising that the brand is popular with ramp fanatics worldwide.

However, there's also a fair share of street skaters in the mix with longtime members like David Gravette and Al Partenan alongside new additions in the form of Kevin Beakkel and Brazilian all terrain madman Milton Martinez.

Creature Skateboards have been consistently prolific for nearly two decades and have released five full-length videos; Born Dead (2006), Black Metal (2007), Hesh Law (2009) and CSFU (2013), with the simply titled The Creature Video being their latest offering in 2018. Unwind your soul and get on board!

The members of the Creature Skateboards Team (also known as Gangreen) are: Al Partanen, Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Stu Graham, Chris Russell, Cody Lockwood, Collin Provost, David Gravette, John Wortington, John Gardner, Kevin Baekkel, Milton Martinez, Peter Raffin, Willis Kimbel, Devin Bagnoli, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Joe Milazzo, Mathias Torres, Steven Breeding, Ulph Andersson, Georg Stenerson, Itzel Granados, Jonas Bünger, Jonny Gasparotto, Nixen Osborne, Sota Tomikawa, Vincent Matheron and Yurin Fujii.

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