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YOW was born as an alternative to surfing on flat days and as a tool to make surfing accessible to land-based surfers. After years of development, we have created a system that comes closest to surfing on land. With YOW you can surf anywhere in the world. Pump, carve and surf the streets with YOW.

YOW Skateboards produces and develops surf skateboards in Barcelona, Spain. YOW - Your Own Wave - delivers a unique surfskate system that turns your longboard into a surfskate and lets you surf the streets!

After a year and a half of intensive development, YOW, which stands for "Your Own Wave", was launched. Since then, the brand has spread all over the world and, after the original surf skate from Carver, has become one of the best-known surf skate brands that helps people find waves wherever they are.

YOW explores the intersection of mountain, sea and concrete. A tool that brings the movements and feelings of surfing and freeride snowboarding to the skateboard. With our patented Surfskate system you can mimic the movements of surfing on asphalt or concrete. We use a spiral spring system that turns almost any skateboard into a surfboard or freeride snowboard thanks to its tight turning radius. With YOW you can find waves wherever you are.


The YOW Meraki Surfskate System is the culmination of the last 5 years of research and development. A simplified and reinforced design along with our patented spring system makes it one of the most unique surfskate setups in the world. We have removed the redundant parts of our old system, leaving our patented spring system intact, and reinforced the essential parts, making it lighter, more durable and also improving the aesthetics. The new system is now connected to our own skate trucks, making it more stable without compromising the surf flow our system is known for. Take your surf skating to the next level.


The S4 Meraki system holds a 4mm spring inside. Recommended for children, adults under 50kg or very experienced surfskaters looking for aggressive rides.


The S5 Meraki system holds a 5 mm spring inside. Recommended for adults over 50 kg or light beginners looking for extra stability.

YOW Legasee Trucks

Our first cruiser line combines our passion for skateboarding and surfing in a way we haven't done before. An ode to the 60-70's skateboarding scene, with a touch of our surfskate essence. Our new, patented Legasee trucks allow you to carve deep and even pump, almost like with our Surfskate system, and at the same time it brings you enough stability to push with ease and perform most skate tricks on ramps and flat ground. Welcome to the new old school.

We've taken the best of both worlds and created a versatile and extremely fun skate truck that you can carve, pump, skate a bowl or do pretty much anything else you can think of. If our Surfskate System and a standard skateboarding truck had a baby, it would probably be the Legasee truck.

YOW Decks

All our decks are made from Resin 7 Hard Rock Maple, responsibly sourced from areas under a forest protection law that aims to protect, conserve and regenerate nature's biodiversity. All our boards are financed in the Basque Country and comply with the REACH regulation, which ensures the protection of human health and the environment. Designed and manufactured in the Basque Country.

YOW URA Wheels

Manufactured in the Spanish Basque Country, the YOW URA wheels were developed as an all-rounder for carving, cruising and bowl riding. With high traction and rebound for easy pumping, square lips and 51mm contact patch, these wheels are ideal for any surf skate.

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