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Thunder trucks

Ermico Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello. The company's line of business includes the manufacture of sporting and athletic goods. The two manufactured the revolutionary skateboard trucks (Indy) in a foundry at Hunters Point Shipyard. The foundry, which operated under the name Ermico Enterprises Inc., has since moved to 17th Street in Potrero Hill. They also founded the distribution company Deluxe Distributions, which operates alongside Ermico Enterprises. Deluxe Distribution is a subsidiary of Ermico Enterprises, Inc. which was founded in 1986 with Brian Ware in San Francisco. Deluxe was founded to distribute the Beware Record label and other small record labels popular with skateboarders, as well as Thunder Trucks and Supercush Bushings. Deluxe distributes six skateboard brands and owns DLXSF, a retail store. Thunder Skateboard Trucks has been around in skateboarding longer than many skateboarders have been alive. The company was founded in San Francisco in 1986 and is part of the Deluxe Distribution family.

What is so special about Thunder trucks?

Thunder Trucks are lightweight and known for their lightning-fast steering, excellent board control and durability. They also come with a lifetime warranty (in the USA). Thunder Truck styles include Team Editions, Lights with Premium Grade Hollow Kingpins. Team Hollows, designed for added height and wheel clearance, with 1mm higher baseplates and premium grade hollow kingpins. Hollow Lights with extra reinforced hollow kingpins and Titanium Lights equipped with extra strong titanium kingpins.

Thunder trucks team:

Rely on the skateboard pros who are part of the Thunder Trucks team: Jamie Foy, Ishod Wair, Mark Suciu, Tyshawn Jones, Shane O'Neill, Guy Mariano, Franky Villani, Bobby De Keyzer, Dennis Busenitz, Rick McKrank, Dane Burman, Trevor Colden, Samarria Brevard, Silas Baxter-Neal, Neen Williams, Axel Cruysberghs, John Rattray, Pete Eldridge, Akwasi Owusu, Lizard King, Chris Pfanner, Dashawn Jordan, Daniel Vargas, Matt Berger, JP Souza, Kyle Wilson, Joe Gavin, Zach Miller and many more. Thunder Trucks have a huge team for a reason!

  • 143 / 7.125" axle width: For boards 7.4" and narrower. Axle height with the team baseplate 50mm.
  • 145 / 7.62" Axle pin width: For boards 7.4" to 7.9". Axle height with the Team Baseplate 50mm. With the Forged Baseplate 49mm.
  • 147 / 8.0" Axle pin width. For boards 7.9" to 8.12". Axle height with the Team baseplate 50mm. With the Forged Basplate 49mm.
  • 148 / 8.25" axle pin width. For boards 8.12" to 8.38". Axle height with the Team baseplate 52mm, with the Forged baseplate 51mm.
  • 149 / 8.5" axle pin width. For boards 8.38" to 8.62". Axle height with the Team baseplate 52mm. With the Forged baseplate 51mm.
  • 151 / 8.75" axle pin width. For boards 8.62" to 8.85". Axle height with the team baseplate 52mm. With the forged baseplate 51mm.
  • 161 / 9.125" axle width. For boards 8.9" to 9.5". Axle height with the team baseplate 53mm. With the Forged baseplate 52mm.
  • 181 / 10" axle pin width. For boards 9.5" and wider. Axle height with the Team Baseplate 53mm.

With this information it should be no problem to choose the right size for your skateboard.

Have fun with your new pair of Thunder trucks!

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