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Pig Wheels

Pig Wheels was founded in 1993 by the Tum Yeto Posse. F-ing one of the best urethanes out there for skateboard shredding! In 1995, Josh Beagle of Foundation was clear on a basic concept for Pigwheels. To make an impact, the company needed to invent something new. Beagle recalls, "Our first wheel shapes were really cool - they had a wall that just shot backwards, kind of a half-wall, so you couldn't scratch the graphics. We tried to do something completely different.

Dual Durometer

Since then, Pig has seen several new concepts come and go. Pig has carefully chosen which ones to use - a good example is the innovation of the dual durometer wheel. It was one of the latest breakthroughs in skateboarding. The aim is for a harder inner core to give a good, solid feel and a softer outer layer to give the skateboard wheel much needed traction. "The company that invented the dual durometer wheel came out with this concept," says Beagle. I thought it was a good idea and jumped on it." Beagle was not alone. Soon after their introduction, dual durometer skateboard wheels became all the rage, and several companies happily incorporated them into their product lines.

Tum Yeto

Pig is part of the distribution company Tum Yeto and is a sister company of Toy Machine, Foundation, Ruckus Metal and Death Box. Their goal is to develop innovative skateboard products and support the global skateboard culture. Pig skateboard wheels are made from their superior urethane formula and are designed to ride smoothly on any terrain. The wheels have a unique variety of designs and graphics that are perfect for all skateboarding styles.

Pig Bearings

If you are looking for the right bearings, Pig has a style for every skill level. Pig skateboard bearings are available in ABEC 3, 5 and 7:

  • The ABEC 3 bearings are equipped with dent-proof shields and are ideal for skating beginners.
  • Pig ABEC 5 bearings provide additional strength and speed.
  • Their ABEC 7 bearings offer the greatest stability and speed for professional riders.
  • Pig also manufactures ceramic bearings, which have the longest service life and are corrosion-resistant.

To give your board extra height, use Pig Skateboard Riser Pads. They are shock-absorbing and provide more height to prevent wheelbites.

Pig Tool and Wax

The Pig Head skateboard wax is one of the best-selling skate waxes in the Concretewave Skateshop Cologne. This wax makes every curb more slippery and also looks piggishly good. The price-performance ratio is also very good here. With the Pig skateboard tool you can easily adjust and fine-tune your skateboard. This tri-socket gadget offers a combination of different tools in one with three socket sizes and a self-aligning axle tap, you have everything you need to adjust your skateboard in the palm of your hand.

Pig Wheels Team

Our team rider Bartosz Ciesielski has been riding with Pig Wheels for years and swears by the durability and speed he needs for his handrail action!

Current or former members of the Pig Wheels team include:

  • Vincent Nava
  • Braden Hoban
  • Jeremy Leabres
  • Myles Willard
  • Shareef Grady
  • Bartosz Ciesielski
  • Daniel Lutheran
  • Clint Walker
  • Ron Parker
  • Louie Barletta
  • Steve-O
  • Ariana Spencer
  • Blake Carpenter
  • and a lot more!

Pig has been developing high performance skateboard gear for over twenty years. When it comes to Pig products, you won't be disappointed!

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