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Sector 9 Skateboards & Longboards

Sector 9 carries the highest quality skateboard

  • decks
  • completes
  • wheels
  • trucks
  • tools & accessories

for the surf and skate lifestyle!

The 9 Ball

The story of 9 Ball begins in 1993 in a backyard in La Jolla. Our house consisted of a bunch of good friends, a pool table, a mini ramp, a ping pong table and a room to create, all across the street from some beautiful rolling hills down to the local reefs. As you can imagine, with all these amenities, the house became a popular hangout. At the time, we had a friend from Hawaii who used to call people "nineballs". One day he called to see what was going on at the house, but we were all "studying," so he had to leave a message on our answering machine asking, "What's going on over there in Sector 9?" which to all of us meant a house full of "nineballs. Coincidentally, one of our favorite neighborhood mountain cruisers, a snowboard turned skateboard, had recently been stolen. A couple of replacement boards were almost ready and just needed the finishing touches for a logo.... The message on the answering machine was listened to, and "Sector 9" not only sounded good, but also seemed appropriate, so it stayed that way. When people saw us riding by on these boards, the interest was immediate and we started building skateboards in the backyard. After many years of learning and a few evictions, we were forced to move into our first warehouse, which became the Sector 9 skateboard factory.

Smash it!

We've all had it at some point, this overwhelming urge to DESTROY IT, whatever "IT" may be. The feeling comes from deep within, and it's aggressive and raw. At Sector 9, we embrace the feeling of flying down a hill, hitting the pool coping, or cutting up an embankment in the driveway, and incorporate that feeling into our daily mantra. We won't stop there either. SMASH IT is also about raising awareness for causes beyond skateboarding, like the fight against cancer, environmental responsibility and community involvement. We believe that SMASH IT is as much about helping the people around you as it is about bettering yourself. It's time to get motivated. It's time to SMASH IT!

Certified completes

When you've been a leader in a category for as long as we have, it's inevitable that others start nipping at your heels. Over the years we have seen some very strange products on the market called Sector 9 Complete. These should have been called Sector 9 Deck, as the deck was ours, but none of the components were. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often. That's why in the future our Certified Complete logo will be the true sign that a board is really a Sector 9 Complete and not just one of our decks with some trucks, wheels and riser pads on it to be sold to our customers as something it clearly is not.

Sector 9 | Victor Earhart Finds a New Hill

Age is just a number, fear is only relative. Victor Earhart is a shining example of how to live life to the fullest, and neither age nor fear can stop him. Over 61 years of skateboarding...Victor Earhart was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2016.

Somewhere he will surely still be bombing mountains though. RIP Victor!

*Disclaimer* - Just because Victor doesn't wear safety equipment doesn't mean you shouldn't! Skate safely!

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