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Slappy Trucks

Slappy Trucks

Mike Sinclair about Slappy Trucks: 

Throughout the pandemic, when the world was at a standstill and things were in lockdown, I started experimenting with my skateboards. I decided to work on designs and the pattern making process began shortly after. I went through so many different versions of suspensions and baseplates, experimented with different bushings, bushing heights, hardnesses, steering radius, axle pins, finishes and the list goes on over two years.

I finally got the truck the way I really like it. The main goal I had with a truck was to have as much room for grinds as possible without sacrificing the maneuverability I wanted. I also wanted the truck to be strong, light and have a classic look and feel. In the end, all of this is just about creating something new with the Slappy Trucks.

Sidewalk Dist.

Slappy Trucks are part of Sidewalk Distribution, which was newly founded. The owners are: Bill Weiss, Bod Boyle and Steven Douglas who are no strangers to the skateboard scene.
We will always try to have all sizes in stock, currently there are: 8", 8.25", 8.5", 8.75" and 9".

Coming from Spring 2024:

  • 7.75"
  • 9.25"
  • 9.5"
  • and from summer 2024 a 10" version will follow
  • plus lighter forged hollow Slappy axles in various widths.

Advantages of Slappy-Trucks

Slappy is about to conquer its own place in skate stores all over the country. In our Concretewave skateshop and online store, Slappy Trucks have been among the top 5 skateboard trucks since their release. A comment from customers and employees about Slappy Trucks is: "The trucks are designed to reduce wheelbites, offer the best grind clearance without compromising cornering, and are simply light and strong with a classic look. They steer better and more intuitively than other skateboard trucks market leaders. All in all, most customers who have tested Slappy skateboard trucks are more than satisfied and usually stick to their decision to skate the new Slappy's.

Abner Pietro for Slappy Trucks

  • Abner Pietro cruises around and makes it look too easy at Harbor City Skatepark.
  • Filmed by Vitor Borger & Mike Sinclair
  • Edited by Vitor Borger

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