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Ace 6.75 Classic 66 Truck

33,90 €
Disponible immédiatement
Temps de livraison: 1 - 3 jours ouvrables À l'étranger

Ace 6.75 Classic 66 Truck

The price is for one truck.

This truck is very similar to the Independent. According to a few reviews the Ace 66 also behaves very similar. The main difference to the Independent is the slimmer design and the lowered kingpin, with which you do not get hung up on grinds that fast.

  • Width Axle 9.35"
  • Width Hanger 6.675"
  • Height 2.10"
  • Weight 391g
  • Height: Classic
  • Fitting decksize in Inch: 10.0, 9.75, 9.25, 9.5


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