Alternative Longboards Lombardi Libra Pro Deck

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Alternative Longboards Libra Lombardi Pro Deck

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Das neue Patrick Lombardi Pro Model Longboard Deck zeichnet alles aus, was ein modernes Downhill / Freeride Board aus macht.
Micro Drop, Kicktail, leichter Rocker und eine geniale Standfläche und Konkav, das einfach funktionell ist.
Dieses Deck wird dein Stand Up Level um einiges verbessern. Jetzt bist du am Zug!

  • Sidewall Protection Yes
  • Length 93.4 cm / 36.77"
  • Width 25 cm / 9.84"
  • Wheelbase 62.23 cm- 66.23 cm / 24.5" - 26.07"
  • Concave 12.23 mm / 0.48"
  • Rocker 2 mm / 0.07"
  • Kicktail 14 mm / 0.55"
  • Micro Drop 8 mm / 0.31"
  • Flex Stiff
  • Purpose Downhill, Freeride

Featuring a sandwich construction of a lightweight wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates, fiberglass and a layer of
carbon fiber, the new Lombardi Pro longboard deck provides you with the appropriate stiffness and damping abilities that will withstand the challenges of fast downhill skateboarding.
The specially developed sandwich construction creates a thicker center base that stretches throughout the whole length of
the board and slightly thinners at the edges which creates bigger wheel wells. In result, the construction not only lowers the weight
of the board but also creates bigger wheel clearance to eliminate wheelbite if paired with big downhill longboard wheels.
For added durability, Patrick’s Signature Longboard Deck Model is further reinforced with ABS protective sidewalls on the
wheel wells, nose and tail that prolong the board’s life and protects the edges in situations when you can’t stop it from flipping over.

The Patrick Lombardi Pro offers a directional shape with a total length of 93.4 cm (36.77 inches) and a variable wheelbase
ranging from 62.23 cm – 66.23 cm (24.5 inch – 26.07 inch). As the widest board in our collection, set at 25 cm (9.84 inches),
its wide platform caters to various shoe sizes and eliminates toe and heel drag for those with bigger feet. Completed with a
top-mount truck mounting system, the Lombardi Pro offers a more direct turning response and better overall control when
picking up speeds, railing corners and doing long slides. The versatile design of the Patrick Lombardi Pro Model features a comfortable concave to assure you always have the perfect foot position and full contact between the soles of your shoes
and the board when longboarding. This is paired with a slight rocker for fast transitions between heelside and toeside slides
and an 8 mm micro-drop that will keep your feet safely locked-in and ready to throw a slide whenever you need to
perfect for when you really plan on sending it.

Set in nature’s wilderness in a post-apocalyptic time, a family made a small junkyard their home.
Despite the odds, each family member strives for the future in their individual way. They will not surrender to their daily struggles,
yet they will do what it takes to carry on. The Lombardi PRO is all about chill and skill. Don’t stress because you got this.
People on the streets might not know what kind of awesomeness goes down when you’re sending it, but who cares?
We know.

The Lombardi Pro signature longboard deck was created with fast freeriding and downhill in mind. However, to keep it versatile
on the streets or even your favorite DIY park it features a nicely designed high kicktail to elevate your tricks to new heights and
make cruising to your favorite spot even more fun! Grab your new Lombardi Pro longboard and skate like the Pros!

New Pro Signature Longboard Deck designed by Patrick L. Lombardi
Directional shape with top-mount truck mounting
Wide platform for a stable ride no matter your shoe size
New lightweight core construction
Robust sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
ABS impact protection sidewalls for improved durability
Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
High kicktail design for better pop
A comfortable concave for good board feel
Rocker for easier edge-to-edge transitions
Microdrop platform for extra foothold during freeriding
Stiff flex for better stability at higher speeds
Best used for Downhill and Freeride
Appropriate for all skill levels
Handmade in Poland, Europe
Graphic art by Tomasz Lesniak


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