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BADLANDS SKATEBOARDS - Ripper Deck - Pool & Park 33 x 9

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Sk8kings BADLANDS SKATEBOARDS - Ripper Deck - Pool & Park 33 x 9

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Badlands Skateboards - Ripper Deck - Pool & Park - 33" x 9" WB 15.5" - Made in USA Sk8Kings is stoked to roll out this latest addition to the Badlands line! The Badlands Ripper is a perfect solution for modern bowl and park terrain with rider tested & approved specs! Like all Badlands products - the Ripper is crafted in Southern California from Hard Rock Canadian Maple - finished with full dip black stain woodgrain and Badlands logo printed both sides.

About Badlands: In 1975 Royce Hunt began making Badlands Skateboards in his garage. His son, Tay Hunt, and other Badlands professional skaters, such as Harvey Hawks, rode the Badlands design and helped Royce to develop the brand. In less than a year, Royce opened a small shop and started producing Badlands models to meet the growing demand for boards. With input from Tay and other Pros, Royce continued to tweak and develop new models. Besides the pool and park model that was widely known in the era, Royce also made custom boards for banked slalom, downhill and freestyle for many of the Badlanders. Unfortunately in 1982, Royce stopped regular production of the decks due to a long-term drop in demand. Badlands Skateboards were made in small batches, on and off for many years, with new innovations to meet the needs and style of skating as the sport progressed. In 2012, Royce Hunt passed away. The remaining 57 Shredders (Tay’s favorite) and 59 Pro Hogs are the last boards designed and produced by the founder of the Badlands Skateboards brand.

"Farbe": Grau
"Länge": 33.0"
"Breite": 9.0"
"Wheelbase": 15.5"

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