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Black Ballet Five Longboard Dancer deck 43.3"

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Kategorie: Longboards

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Black Ballet Five Dancer deck

1x Deck (Ohne Griptape)

Klassicher Dancer, handgefertigt in Polen.

Art is a collection of emotional states ? it?s only good if it moves you. Face expression is something we can easily spot and judge, but a true feeling is hidden deep inside within ourselves. We can name a grimace or put a number on it, still not knowing what caused it to appear. Whether you?re smiling or sharing a tear, one thing will stay the same ? a feeling of air on your face while moving faster than others through crowded streets. That movement is a progress from one state to another. Don?t put that mask on your face and grasp what world is letting you feel.

Länge: 110 cm | 43,3? Breite:? 22,5 cm | 8,9 ? Wheelbase: 74 cm | 29,1? Gewicht: 1,7 kg | 3,74 lbs

Graphic made by Jakub Szkaradek.

"Farbe": Weiß
"Flexboard": Flex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 43.3"
"Breite": 8.9"
"Shape": Double Kick Symmetrisch

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