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Black Ballet Requiem Longboard deck 42.1"

179,90 €
Disponible immédiatement
Temps de livraison: 1 - 3 jours ouvrables À l'étranger
Black Ballet Requiem drop through deck

1x Deck (Without Griptape)

The magnitude of loveliness is a personal way of seeing things. What might seem worse for some, is the ultimate model of beauty for other. Imperfect, yet astonishing with it’s form, it leaves you speechless. If you love a flower you let it grow, but all plants have their expiry date. A slow route or a burnout ending. Well, fortunately your imagination is limitless. Grab Requiem and put a new meaning into this word. Respect it’s dignity and take it to places like never before. Celebrate the endless joy of riding and admire the art of our world.

Length: 107 cm | 42,1? Width: 22,5 cm | 8,9? Wheelbase: 78 cm | 30,7? Weight: 1,65 kg | 3,63 lbs

Graphic made by Jakub Szkaradek & Szymon Smialek


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