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Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series Midnight Limited Wheels

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Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series Midnight Limited Wheels

Sold as a set (four wheels).

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Blood Orange asked one of the best downhill freeriders, Liam Morgan, to design the perfect high-speed freeride wheel to introduce our wheel lineup. after months of design and testing, they're proud to release the Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Series Wheels. The lineup includes three different sizes, each with their own unique characteristics, yet all poured in liam's personally developed (lmf) urethane formula and ready to leave long thick thane lines right out of the package. Look for more skater-designed wheels in the near future.

  • Diameter: 60mm, 65mm oder 70mm

  • Width: 40mm, 44mm oder 46mm

  • Contactpatch: 33mm, 31mm oder 32mm

  • Durometer: 80a (Turquoise), 82a (Maroon) oder 84a (Navy)

  • Centerset

  • Stonegroundfinish

  • Rounded edges


"Colore": blu
"Durometer": 84a
"Diameter": 70 mm
"Contactpatch": 33 mm
"Posizione del nucleo": Centerset

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