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Bolzen Truck Set V2 180mm 50° Pink

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Categoria: Truck per Longboard

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Bolzen Truck Set V2 180mm Pink

Sold as a set (two trucks).

The new V2 trucks are finally here. Bolzen gave them a new stronger hanger design, the baseplate got a lot stronger now and the new bushings seat gives these trucks a little bit more turning then before. Finally the bushings went from 85a to 87a what is the perfect allround duro as we think.

The faced hangers as well as the accurately formed bushing seat and pivot give these trucks a very precise and vivid feeling. Bolzen Trucks are equipped with our own high quality urethane Sunrise Gummies bushings (87a) which again contribute to the top notch performance of this product. The trucks were developed with the help of the mastermind behind G.O.G., Frank Beste and our team riders did not go easy on the prototypes to ensure they withstand the roughest treatment. You'll get quality from skaters for skaters!

  • multiple colourways: BlackBlack, Green, Navy, Pink, White...
  • 180mm width with a new and stronger hanger design
  • 50 Grad baseplate
  • perfect allround RKP truck
  • New stronger 6-hole baseplate drilled both new school and old school
  • Design made in Germany by Frank Beste (G.O.G) and Heiko Schöller (Concretewave/Sunrise)
  • tested by professional riders
  • Faced Hangers
  • Sunrise Gummies Barrel Bushings (87a custom color and duro)
  • they are looking good and turning like nothing else on the market
  • the new standard in longboard trucks

"Colore": rosa
"Details": Cast
"Hangerwidth": 180 mm
"Truck Type": RKP
"Angolo": 50°

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