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Bones Swiss 7 BallBearings

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Legendary Bones Swiss bearings have been the industry standard
ever since they were introduced in 1983, and are still a favorite with
professional skaters. Fast, smooth, and very long lasting, they remain
unequaled in their class. Bones Swiss feature the same ultra high
performance components used in Bones Swiss Ceramics, except that
the balls are polished chromium steel instead of ceramic.
Bones Swiss have earned their fame through decades of proven,
dependable, superior performance for the best skaters in the world.
No hype, (ABEC-99!) just the best... ask anyone who has been skating
for a few years. Includes Each package comes with set of 8 bearings,
pre-lubed with Speed Cream, 4 bearing spacers, instructions and a sticker.
Features Stronger Faster Longer Lasting Pre-Lubricated with
Speed Cream? Easy Cleaning & Relubricating Removable High Speed
Nylon Ball Cage Non-contact, Removable Rubber Shield Bones Skate
Rated? Design & Quality*...


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