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Caliber Truck Co. - Recon Video Erstellt am: 12.11.2020 14:47

This year as the season's snow melted and the highway passes over the Sierra Nevada mountains in California began to re-open, rumors of a certain pass being repaved started to circulate. Sources close to the crew said that not only had the iconic mountain pass been repaved, but that it had been repaved with the smoothest and purest black top asphalt CalTrans could cook up. This wouldn't be the first time the crew had heard stories like this and been fooled into driving hundreds of miles only to be disappointed upon arrival. So, before they assembled the ultimate crew and film team to head out to make the next big video, they decided to do a smaller trip first. A recon trip, to see if the rumors were really true... Filmed and edited by Tom Flinchbaugh. Additional follow filming by Liam Morgan. Featuring Liam Morgan, Patrick Welsh, and Tom Flinchbaugh. Music by "Kom Veacha Tha Sneha Knom" - Pan Ron, "High Girls" - Ivory Waves, "Under Your Spell" - Desire, "Fly Away" - Laid Back. Riding Caliber II 44 degree trucks, Blood Orange wheels, Prism Skate Co. boards. Support provided by: Caliber Truck Co. @calibertrucks AKASO Action Camera (15% off Code: Oct15OFF) Blood Orange Prism Skate Co.


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