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Carver Skateboards Carson Proteus Komplett Surfskate

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Kategorie: Surfskates


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Carver Skateboards Carson 2021 Proteus Surfskate Komplett

Komplett montiert. Auspacken und losrollen. (Surfen)

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  • Länge: 33"
  • Breite: 9 7/8"
  • Wheelbase: 18 3/8"

David Carson has been pushing the boundaries of graphic design for decades, and created some of his most iconic work while telling stories of surf and skate in such seminal publications as Transworld Skateboarding and Surfer Magazine. He’s also been a lifelong surfer and skater, so it’s fitting that he would design a model for Carver. Showcasing his signature style of intuitive collage, Carson tells a story within a single image, here evoking a dreamlike sense of oceanic memory. Set on a mid-sized Carver Proteus shape, it provides lots of front foot area so you can really spread your feet out for a proper surfboard stance.

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