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Carver Skateboards Surfskates 2022 Erstellt am: 08.04.2022 14:09

The new Carver Skateboards 2022 collection is available now.

Some highlights are the new pro boards from top surfers Kai Lenny and Jamie O'Brien and the artist series from Ryan Kleiner.

Carver is the original surfskate system you can trust since 1995.

If you don't find all the boards. Don't worry....we will get a new huge shipment in a few weeks.

The Swallow and Greenroom are our latest offerings from artist, Ryan Kleiner. The Swallow features a swallow tail, true to its namesake, but is also unique with its shorter length and wide belly. This combination makes the Swallow feel snappy and easy to pump. The Greenroom is like the big brother of this pair, coming in at 33.75 inches long, making it one of our longest deck offerings. It has the same width as the Swallow (9 7/8") but its length leans towards longer drawn out carves. Both boards are available with CX or C7 trucks

We are so psyched that @whoisjob's first two pro model Carvers are available now! The 31" J.O.B. Blue Tiger is designed to fit everyone. This classic squash tailed shape is pressed in Carver’s innovative Hyperspoon mold, which folds up on the sides of the nose to hug your front foot for greater carving control. ⁠ ⁠ The 33.5" J.O.B. Camo Tiger is a bigger board that rises to the challenge of Jamie's wild exploits. The full nose kick gives that locked-in feeling, and wider stance for fast carving and transition riding.

Kai Lenny's first two pro model carvers are here and we are stoked! ⁠ The 31" Kai Lava borrows the pattern from his upcoming surfboard quiver. It's pressed in the Hyperspoon mold for a deep-dish spoon nose contoured for your carving pleasure.⁠ The 34" Kai Dragon is a stretched out⁠ double-concave board, perfectly proportioned to fit⁠ Kai's stance and style, with a longer wheelbase that⁠ increases both stability and speed for a faster pump⁠ and carve. Both boards are available with C7 or CX trucks.

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