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Concretewave Skateshop Gift Certificate

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a partire da 10,00 €
compr. 19% IVA , più Spedizione
disponibilità immediata

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Still haven't found the right gift for Christmas or a birthday? With the Concretewave voucher you're always on the right track.

We only send vouchers with a value of €50 or more.

Vouchers under €50 will only be sent by email!

Please let us know in the comments field whether you would like to receive the voucher by email or by post. If you do not specify, the voucher will always be sent by email!

Voucher by E-Mail: Select the desired amount and receive the voucher code by email. Your voucher will be created by us after receipt of payment and sent by email to the specified email address on the same day or the next working day at the latest.

Voucher by Post (from €50): Receive a voucher Card by post.

The voucher can be redeemed in the online store or at the checkout in our store. If there is any money left over, it will be credited to your customer account and offset against your next order if you wish.


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