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Core Longboards Aster Longboard deck 45.3"

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Kategorie: Dancer

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Core Longboards Aster deck

1x Deck (Ohne griptape) 

Klassischer Dancer von Core Longboards aus Polen.

The Aster is our go-to longboard deck for longboard dancing. It is a great choice for beginner longboarders who are just starting out and are searching for a quality longboard at an affordable price. The shape and size also make it great for experienced riders who prefer a well-sized platform and a minimalistic look. Its spacious symmetrical shape with high kicktails enables you to learn and perform a wide variety of tricks and stylishly master the streets. Shaped to avoid wheelbite, the Aster longboard features big wheel wells and a top mount truck mounting system. This creates a more direct response and high maneuverability to make it easier for you to initiate and control your carves. With an affordable price, this longboard deck doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality and stability. It’s mellow concave and a hint of rocker creates a responsive platform that will enhance your riding experience. At the same time, you get to enjoy a lively feeling when riding thanks to its medium flex. Push off and enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the dependable full wood construction and a minimalistic natural look that pairs well with any colored longboard wheels and trucks.

Größe: 115 cm lang x 22 cm breit Wheelbase: 75 cm – 79 cm

Mellow concave and rocker Medium flex High kicktail design Top-mount truck mounting system Best for longboard dancing and freestyle Appropriate for beginner longboarders and experienced riders Made in Europe

"Farbe": Natur
"Flexboard": Flex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 45.3"
"Breite": 8.7"
"Shape": Double Kick Symmetrisch

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