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Core Longboards Snap Longboard deck 37"

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Core Longboards Snap deck

1x Deck (Ohne griptape)

Allround Longboard. Schöner leichter cruiser mit etwas Flex.

The Snap longboard is our go-to deck for cruising, carving and street skating inspired tricks. It’s compact shape makes it easy to take it to school, on public transportation or cruise around the city streets. With a short and maneuverable symmetrical shape, the Snap longboard is full of life. As the smallest in the Core Longboards range, the Snap will soon become your favorite companion on your daily commutes. Snap features a light and energetic wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates in a tested and proven construction. With a simple and minimalistic look, this board pairs well with any colored longboard trucks and wheels. Despite its cruising oriented short wheelbase, this longboard offers a comfortable riding platform and a generous width that provides enough foot space no matter your shoe size. For a joyful ride, this deck is paired with a supple concave and a mellow camber. This provides a uniform weight distribution from tip to tail. Cruise around the city, use it as an alternative means of transportation or even show off some tricks in your local skatepark, Snap has got you covered.

Größe: 94 cm lang x 23 cm breit

Wheelbase: 53 cm – 57 cm

Mellow concave with camber Medium flex High kicktail design Top-mount truck mounting system Best for cruising and carving Appropriate for beginner longboarders and experienced riders Made in Europe

"Farbe": Natur
"Flexboard": Flex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 37.0"
"Breite": 9.0"
"Shape": Double Kick

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