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Earthwing Hope Pink Deck 34"

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Earthwing Hope Pink Deck 34"

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Etwas längeres Deck von Earthwing. Ideal zum Cruisen, Bowl Skaten und noch viel mehr. Toller Allrounder.

There is a great story behind this positive graphic in creepy times created by Elijah and Malakai Petrie. We can all learn something from the wonder, honesty, and wisdom of these two 8 years old boys. more on that later.... The magic behind the shape is the extra large flat area between the bolts and kicks. With the longer length, and probably bigger than normal wheels and maybe a riser, this decks leverage is on point for a quick east pop. The pop that clicks and floats. Y'all know what I mean about a lively feeling deck that wants to pop. This is it. This is how you design a deck to work properly with the size, and components in mind. Science!

Specs Length: 86.36 cm / 34" Width: 21.90 cm / 8.5" Wheelbase: 39.70 cm / 15.5". Construction: Maple.

"Farbe": Pink
"Länge": 34.0"
"Breite": 8.5"
"Wheelbase": 15.5"

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