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High Energy Skateboards Locals only deck 10" red

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High Energy Skateboards Locals only 10" (Siebdruck)

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Made in USA. Siebdruck, Wheel wells. Mehr Leidenschaft und Oldschool geht nicht.
High Energy kommt aus dem Hause Toxic & Brand X. Hierbei handelt es sich um alte 80er Jahre
Kryptonics Grafiken die aber aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht unter Kryptonics verkauft werden dürfen.

High Energy Locals Only REISSUE deck This is the first REISSUE of the Locals Only graphic since we last made it in the 80s. Our original artist, Wiscott, meticulously recreated the graphic to be exactly like the his original. Shape: Original 80s Pig Mold: Mild spoon nose concave

Dimensions: 10” W x 30”

Wheel Well: four Edges: no route Material: 7-ply, Hardrock Canadian Maple Hand-done 80s style screen-printed graphic Decks designed, pressed, printed, finished and shipped in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Our reissue decks are HAND SCREEN PRINTED and each and every one is slightly different. Colors, fades, errors and special treatments in the graphics vary from one to the other, and the deck you receive may not look exactly like the picture provided. You are buying a deck color, not an exact graphic color. These are not heat transfer duplicates, they are each amazing, original, hand-made works of art. Please ask if you have questions and ask for a pic of the deck you’ll receive if your unsure. We do not offer exchanges unless a product is defective.

"Farbe": Rot
"Länge": 30.0"
"Breite": 10.0"
"Wheelbase": 16"

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