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Icone Kowalski Deck

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Icone Longboards Dominik Kowalski Longboard Deck

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Super high tech single kicktail FR/DH. Hier ist es endlich das neue Dominik Kowalski pro model aus dem Hause Icone Longboards.
Die Grafik ist natürlich wieder Bombe und passt perfekt zu unserem Lieblings Stuntman.

  • Length: 94.5cm / 37.2"
  • Width: 24.2cm / 9.57"
  • Var. wheelbase options between 60-68cm / 23.6" -26.8"
  • 0.8cm / 0.3" rocker between the trucks
  • flat truck mounting areas
  • Concave: variable
  • This board has a completely embedded 3D-core !!
    makes it super stiff and super light !!
  • weight: 1850g / 4lbs

Dominik Kowalski signature model is Icone Longboards latest development. The single kick board is currently THE second to none in the longboard sector. This board has everything that seems technically possible and impossible.
It is the world's first and only board that has an entirely inbuilt core alongside its conventional construction. This three-dimensional core-construction results in extreme torsion stiffness simultaneous to some ultra-light weight. Thus it is possible to achieve massive material savings outwardly. The result is an exclusively slim appearance - comparable to a flex-board - and the potential to use 70mm/ 2.75 inch wheels without using risers.
Furthermore, in comparison to other freeride-boards, this construction ensures a deeper position of the whole board of about a quarter inch. It's equipped with different wheelbase options varying from 60 to 68cm (23.6 to 26.8 inches). It is short enough to enable 360 slides and yet sufficiently solid for fast freerides.
The surface underneath its axes is just, with a 0.8cm rocker in between them. Its combination with the 3D-wheel-wells creates a kind of "pan? - well, at least that's how we call it. All in all, this board has a perfectly formed concave, just ideal to lock your feet in to. Slides are becoming noticeably more controllable and safer!

Icone ist ein Longboard-Hersteller aus Österreich. Beste Verarbeitung aus feinsten Materialien und einzigartige Fertigungsverfahren machen die Icone Boards zu einem Must Have!

"Farbe": Blau
"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 37.2"
"Breite": 9.5"
"Shape": Single Kick

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