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Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Complete Minicruiser UV Sun

189,90 €
disponibilità immediata
Tempo di consegna: 1 - 3 giorni lavorativi Paesi esteri

Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt Complete Minicruiser UV Sun

Assembled completely. Unbox it and start skating.

Delivery time may be 1-2 days longer for this item.

The color of the UV Sun model changes in the sun!

Wheel color vary.

Roll in style with this fun and functional mini cruise and enjoy a tight-carving, compact and lightweight board.
Cruise with friends, roll to the corner store or cruise the boardwalk on one of the unique graphics, you'll want to take the Dinghy everywhere you go.

Length: 72,4 cm / 28,5"
Width: 21,6 cm / 8,5"
Wheelbase: 37,1 cm / 14,6"
Construction: Maple.
Trucks: 130mm Polar Bears
Wheels: Blue Chubbies 60mm 78a
Bearings: Space Ball Bearings


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