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Loaded Overland Longboard deck

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Loaded Overland Longboard deck

Deck only. Custom Loaded griptape included.

developed by Ethan Cochard

  • Length:37.00"
  • Width:9.50"
  • Wheelbase:20.75" - 22.00"
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Medium
  • Flex:Medium / Stiff

"Everything in moderation, including moderation." - Oscar Wilde

Spanning the size gap between the Kanthaka and Tesseract, the Overland is designed for the all-around rider seeking a happy medium between a shorter technical double kick and a thoroughbred downhill freeriding machine.

- Directional shape with tapered waist for quick rail-to-rail transitions
- Mild radial concave for comfortable edge control
- Subtle wheel well flares provide ergonomic reference points
- Beefy kicktail for crisp pop and ample leverage for ollies and slides
- Smaller, steeper nose for leveling out ollies, nose manuals, and nollie tricks
- Multi-grit griptape pattern provides both slide control and less abrasive ollies
- Moderately stiff flex for responsive turning and confidence in slides
- Textured TPU bottom for vibration damping, abrasion resistance, and ultra-smooth rail slides
- Two wheelbase options for reverse-kingpin and conventional trucks


"Color": gris
"Flexboard": Flex
"Truck Mount": Topmount
"Longitud": 37.0"
"Ancho": 9.5"
"Shape": Single Kick Fullshape
"Details": Flat

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