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Longboard Girls Crew 10 years Anniversary! Erstellt am: 27.08.2020 17:45

We wish all the best and are looking forward to the next 10 years with LGC!

Now read what the crew writes for their anniversary:

LGC 10 years anniversary

OMG we are 10 years old today! ❤
Can you believe LGC was founded exactly 10 years ago in August 2010 in Madrid, Spain?
So many things have happened and changed within these 10 years.
We started with the aim of getting more girls and women to skate and ended up changing an industry and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.
Not in our wildest dreams we thought we could build communities in more than 60 countries, reaching more than 25 million people, breaking stereotypes and empowering girls, women, non-binary, boys and men all around the world but that’s wat happens when you create from the heart: MAGIC!
Everyone who skates is part of LGC and LGC is part of us. It changed many of our lives and we’re forever grateful. Thank you all, and thank you longboarding ❤
Ps. New logo is what’s up and our new web is on its way! Stay tuned!
LGC Ambassadors in order of appearance: Joey, Megara, Heni, Bar, Isabella, Carlota, Noor, Basica, Jacky, Valeria, Sylvia, Laura, Jandy, Deya, Andrea, Kunjika, Oly, Valerie, Annina, Mony, Chus, Pauline, Lilu, Mili, Jessica, Aga, Molly, Grace, Aleksandra, Gina, Silvia, Carolina, Yara, Sofi y Martha.

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