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Lush freeride slide gloves BLACK

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Lush freeride slide gloves BLACK

Good for Beginners!

You asked for it and here it is - the all-new Lush Freeride Glove. We took all the years of development of the Lush V1,2,3 and 4 Slide Gloves, and came up with this!

Lightweight, breathable construction with removable palm and finger pucks allows for the perfect Freeride and Slide Glove. Like the Race Glove, we've made sure that the glove is well fitted, giving you protection where you need it, without sacrificing functionality and protection. If you're an occasional hand dabber or dragging out the monster laybacks, this is an ideal, affordable alternative to making your own Slide Gloves.

Developed with many years of input from sliders, racers and longboarders everywhere.

Small, Medium and Large sizes available.

About Lush:

Lush started in the year 2000, with Chris and Hank building a few long skate decks for buddies in their damp basement. A small website was thrown together, and it wasn't long before more folk wanted longboards. Soon the demand for Lush boards outgrew the capabilities of one shaper ... enter Timbo - who worked for a summer to help fill the kitchen with sawdust and the wheely bin with offcuts. It wasn't long before other housemates, sawdust in EVERYTHING and the need for timber storage that didn't clash with the sofa meant that the business had to move out...

We rented a small unit in deepest darkest industrial Sheffield for £50 a week with no windows, dodgy security guards, cut'n'shut auto repair centres either side ... aaaah it was beautiful. Rob ran the whole operation while we were there, surviving a cold, harsh northern winter with no heating and only dialup internet (remember that?). We started to develop our first cambered and concave boards the Dudu and S10, forunners to the Bahari and Kilima - and held the first ever Summer Session. At the start of the winter we lost our shaper to a snowboard season, so we took on fresh blood in the form of Huffy. Probably the strongest rock climber in the UK at the time, it wasn't long before he was pumping out high quality decks at a rate of knots and attracting all sorts of fans, including some chick who was convinced he was Juston Timberlake weird.

We lasted a year at Carwood before needing more space, at which point we packed the whole lot into vans and headed off to Hoyland Road in Hillsborough. More customers meant even the mighty Huffy was struggling to keep up, so Rich and Ross joined us to fight the fires and push our game. We started experimenting with screen printing our boards as well as handpainting, played with maple and composite layups, and the board shapes went from flat plywood to feature camber, concave, drop-down and drop-through truck mounts, wheel wells and all sorts of other goodness. Shapers and packers came and went Dan, Dicky, Tom and the legendary Jimbo all played a huge part in getting us to were we are today. The howl of routers and bandsaws was so loud that we had to stop everything whenever the phone went off. Amid the craziness we managed to get our stuff in a few UK shops and bought on Matt and Nick as the first team rides. After 2 further years of expansion the industrial unit was rammed to the roof with a factory that looked like it had been cobbled together like an Ewok village... time to move again!

At the start of March 2006 we started a move down to Bristol. New season, new boards, new staff, new city and new warehouse. Matt and Andy joined us as UK Sales Manager and Warehouse Manager respectively, the range of boards has expanded again to include the new Makonga and Mako, with properly updated (now bamboo) Bahari and Kilima. We lasted a year and a half before the Bristol warehouse got too full to move around in, so we moved to a bigger workshop over the road, and took on Woody and AJ to help us keep up with the increased mayhem. As Hank regularly says, "change is a way of life" ...

Some things havn't changed though - we're still using the same monster sound system gotta keep the tunes pumping and the office is still covered in coned wheels, used slide pucks, weird prototype decks and dirty bearings. Our boards are still a direct product of us skating - only now the "us" has expanded to include our team of guys and girls giving us feedback on top of our own knowledge to help us make better stuff. We've travelled all over Europe on our mission to find the coolest hills out there, made a whole load of new friends, and the UK longboard scene is going off like never before. We're still organising and sponsoring longboard events in the UK, and are stoked to have done some in Europe too. The future is more people skating longboards and loving it join us for the next chapter!

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