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Pantheon Longboards Trip Indian Hills V2 7-ply brown deck

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Pantheon Longboards Trip Indian Hills V2 7-ply brown deck

Deck only. Griptape inklusive.

Deck für TKP Skateboard Achsen!

Length (in): 33

Width (in): 9.25

Flex Level: Medium

Wheelbase: 27.25

Plys: 7 Plys

Construction: Maple, Epoxy, 2 Layers Triaxial Fiberglass

The Trip is back as our most popular long distance skateboard to date. It has been revamped with a new 7-ply maple plus 2x triaxial fiberglass construction for longer lasting performance, warp-proof platform and lighter weight construction. This is a small, light, and agile double drop longboard, and it is Pantheon’s specialty. With our proprietary Crescent Drop, The Trip may be one of the most recommended longboards in the world for commuting and distance travel. Our goal with the Trip is to create the highest quality ride possible, extending the value far beyond its price. We optimize the ride by designing around the finest components and combine utilitarian, cost-effective construction methods with perfect attention to detail. If you’re just starting out, the Trip is our best longboard for beginners, being so low and easy to ride. And it is an integral component to your longboard quiver as a distance skateboard or for using a longboard for fitness and utilitarian travel. The Trip stays an active part of your longboard quiver as a dedicated distance skateboard. It is more than just a first skateboard. As your quiver grows, this board stays with you and gets ridden daily as an efficient double drop distance and commuter longboard. We only offer the finest components here on our website because we care about your ride experience. That perfect experience is undoubtedly a large part of why people fall in love with Pantheon Longboards. What’s New on Our Updated Trip Longboard · Deep Drop! – This double drop longboard pusher has a 1.3 inch drop! This gets you lower than ever for easier distance pushing and longboard commuting · More Flex! – We increased the flex by changing the curves. More flex + stronger layup = stronger board without losing liveliness. · Better Lamination! – Mold improvements and epoxy lamination make this distance longboard deck more durable than ever. · Fiberglass! – A maple / fiberglass construction makes the 2020 Trip more durable and warp-resistant than ever! · Aesthetic Improvements – Stained wood veneer and laser cut griptape really make the Trip pop on the street The Utilitarian Double Drop for Distance Riding The Trip is the premier double drop longboard for distance, whether longboard commuting to work or traveling long distances. And it is easily our best longboard for beginners. We tend to suggest the Trip for true distance riding and then point toward the Ember as a mini cruiser commuter longboard. Either double drop longboard will serve as a proper distance skateboard, though the Trip’s fiberglass construction will undoubtedly out-last the Ember in terms of longevity. Both are low to the ground, lightweight, and easy to push.  Both are supportive of large wheels with thin trucks. And both are pretty darn small! These characteristics are really our mantra for the purpose of commuter and distance skateboarding. Include the parts that matter, and do it in the best way possible, and that’s it! Lastly, consider purchasing this awesome double drop longboard deck with our Free Hands Fingerless Slide Gloves. We made these gloves specifically for distance skating and urban commuting, when you might want your fingers handy to take a picture of that gorgeous mountain or elk crossing the bike path, or to send your loved ones a text letting them know you’ll be home for dinner. These are a utilitarian glove, fully aligned with our design mantra, that allow you to throw down a hand if things get hectic, but otherwise will stay out of your way.

"Farbe": Braun
"Flexboard": Flex
"Achsmontage": Dropthrough
"Länge": 33.0"
"Breite": 9.25"
"Shape": Cutout Symmetrisch

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