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Paris V2 Trucks 195mm

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Paris Trucks 195mm black /pair.

New Paris downhill Trucks,
incl. 90a new Divine double barrel bushings.
These trucks are little bit bigger and more stable
than the normal Paris trucks.

Price for a pair /2 trucks!

Description from Paris:

The Paris 195mm truck is your go-to downhill truck. These were built with speed in mind and that is exactly what they do well. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. The 195mm hanger allows for less leverage when compared to a narrower hanger, which adds to stability and comfort at higher speeds. These trucks are ready to race out of the box! The 195s are built with 2 90a Divine bushings and a flat washer on top below the kingpin nuts. Get some!

About Paris Truck Co:

The new standard in longboarding trucks. Paris Trucks are made with three things in mind turning, durability and beauty.

These trucks turn as good as they look and with a lifetime guarantee you can be assured that these trucks will be on your board for years to come.

What makes Paris better? Our trucks are poured with 356.2 virgin aluminum. Unlike many other trucks out there, there is no left over aluminum from old pours thrown back into the melting pot, each Paris Truck is made with brand new pure metal then gravity molded. Which means each truck is poured and then spun in the mold, resulting in a stronger more dense molecular bond. A secondary heat treatment process then adds strength and durability to the final product.

We've designed Paris Trucks to look great and react lighting fast. We've cut no corners with the Paris Truck and you'll see that, as the care and quality shines through.


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