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Randal Base

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catégorie: Longboard Trucks


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Randal base 35°, 42° or 50°

Price per piece!

50° is perfect for cruising, carving, freeride and light downhill.

42° is good for fast freeride and downhill.

35° is for going fast downhill.

Please choose colour and style!

Base only!!!

Virgin Grade Aluminum.
Pivot Cup included.
6 hole bolt pattern.
Made in California.

About Randal:

Randal has been making trucks for over 32 years (1978) now. Known for their strength and precision, Randal is referred to as the 'standard' in the reverse kingpin truck industry.

34 years ago when Randal Fuller designed his first skateboard truck, there was no internet, no email, and certainly no computer modeling for skateboard trucks. Randal had used his engineering background to draft blueprints for one of the strongest and most precise trucks the industry had seen at the time. The blueprints were then given to a craftsman that made wood models and match plates by hand. It was a long expensive process, so you had to make sure and get it right the first time.

Well, fast forward to the present day. Randal has been using advanced 3D modeling software to design a whole new line of trucks. Precise multi-part models of the trucks can be built, revised with great accuracy, lending to a much better truck. Starting with the RII Series, computers have been used to revise the current truck with a more precise hanger and a new 'cast in' Grade 8 axle. Other models are getting the cyber-redo as well, and new models are being developed with this newer technology.

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"Couleur": argent
"Details": Cast
"Truck Type": RKP
"Angle": 42°

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