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Rayne Mitch Pro Downhill Deck 32"

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Kategorie: Downhill / Freeride

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Rayne Mitch pro 32" DH Deck

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

Board Construction Bamboo Fiberglass Length 32.00 inches Width 9.125 inches Flexibility Speed Stiff Maximum Wheelbase 22.25 Inches Minimum Wheelbase 20.25 Inches Riding Style Downhill/Freeride Mounting Style Top Mount

The Rayne Mitty is a compact downhill skateboard created and designed by our Pro rider Mitch Thompson. This board has been designed for racing yet it kills the freeride game. Mitch wanted to create a versatile board that could do both with ease! The Mitty is pressed in our classic construction of bamboo & fiberglass with fatbottom to keep it light and speed stiff when you are pushing the limits and gripping lines. The deck also features a mellow yet effective concave consisting of mild rocker, w-concave in the back, a linear drop in the back, and a radial drop up at the front. This combination will keep you locked into your setup while feeling comfortable for racing and freeride!

"Flexboard": Noflex
"Achsmontage": Topmount
"Länge": 32.0"
"Breite": 9.125"

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