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Remember Collective Farley Wheels 72mm

duro / color
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Remember Collective Farley Wheels 72mm

Sold as Set of 4 wheels. 

Please choose duro / color.

WHY ARE FARLEY’S THE WHEELS FOR YOU? Remember Collective 72mm Farley Longboard Wheels are the largest in our lineup. The offset core of the Farley serves to stiffen the inner lip for a smooth release into controlled slides. The flexible fat outer lip allows for better roll speed and acceleration. This thick outer lip lies at the end of a 65mm skin-on contact patch for gripping at higher speeds. After you break in the Farley, it’s great for fast freeriding! Remember thane is known for lasting a long time, so don’t expect to core it soon, but your dollars will be well spent with the Remember Farley. This wheel is good to the last drop. Just in case you were wondering, this is also just fine as a larger cruiser wheel. Whether you set up your hill-bombing top mount, free-ride drop thru, or your boardwalk cruiser, the Farley will put a smile on your face.

WHY DO WE CALL IT THE FARLEY? Back in 2013, we knew we needed a bigger wheel in the line up. We also knew our thane was fun. In fact, that’s why we call the first Remember wheel (70mm Hoot), the Hoot. Because every time you stand on a board with Hoots, you have great time AKA you have a HOOT! This bigger wheel we had was fun too, but we needed a name. Creative minds have creative thoughts when on the couch doing nothing at all, or watching classic episodes of Saturday Night Live, or Tommy Boy. You can put two and two together. The rest is history, and the Farley was born.


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