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Remember Collective Lil Hoot Wheels 65mm 74a Yellow

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Categoria: Ruote da Longboard

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Remember Collective Lil Hoots Wheels 65mm 74a Yellow

Sold as Set of 4 wheels. 

The Lil Hoot is the baby brother to the Hoot. Coming in at 65mm tall, with an initial contact patch of 33mm, this bad boy is ready to get sideways! Everything you want and love about Remember wheels, in a more compact package! 
The Lil? Hoot is great for any setup, whether it?s your freeride board, or your beer-run doublekick slash stick!
  • Diameter: 65mm

  • Width: 41.5mm

  • Contact Patch: 33.5mm

  • Durometer: 74a

  • Core Placement: Centerset

  • Lip Profile: Round

  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground

"Colore": giallo
"Durometer": 74a
"Diameter": 65 mm
"Contactpatch": 33 mm
"Posizione del nucleo": Centerset

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