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Rocket Longboards DH Scout Deck

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Rocket Longboards DH Scout Deck

Deck only. Ohne Griptape.

The Rocket DH Scout is based on the shape of the Classic Scout. It is speed stiff and has sharp edges it so you have more grip in corners. It features a asymmetrical rocker which is placed slightly towards the front. The tail has a short convex part behind the back truck to anatomically adapts to your feet according to Rocket, which makes the tail super comfortable to stand on and creates a nice pocket for your stand up slides. The wheel-flares give you reference points for your front foot without limiting your stance and the front truck is wedged 3° while the back truck stays leveled out. The DH Scout is for people who like to ride fast on short wheelbases, but it is also suitable as a city or pump track board for heavier riders.

Length: 32.5" / 82.5 cm Width: 9" / 23 cm Wheelbase: 19.3" – 21" / 49 – 53.5 cm Concave: 0.55" / 14 mm Material: SFI-certified Canadian maple, Natural flax fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet


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