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Rush Bearings

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Rush Bearings

Part of delivery: 8 bearings

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  • Bombers Titanium Coated. The standard bearing. Good for everything.

  • Bombers Glow in the Dark. The standard bearing with glow effect at darkness.

  • Titanium Coated. Close your eyes and ride, you will think you are riding swiss ceramics. Ultra smooth! STRONGER! Lowest co-efficient of friction (grade 10 balls) ROUNDER!  Nylon ball retainer LESS FRICTION!  Titanium coated high micro finish SMOOTHER!

  • All-Weather Stainless steel. One of our most popular, long-lasting bearings. Stainless steel case and balls prevent rusting in wet or humid conditions. Nylon ball retainer and removable rubber shield for easy cleaning

  • Hybrid Ceramic. Don't be fooled by the imposters! We invented the hybrid skate bearing (pat# WO 2006088559 A2)! By combining CERAMIC and STAINLESS STEEL balls you get the benefit and precision of ceramic and the durability of the steel balls thus making ultimate skateboard bearings. The CERAMIC ball cleans debris and cools friction creating a "self-healing" effect, allowing the bearings to perform and last longer.

  • Ceramic All-Weather. FULL CERAMIC balls, STAINLESS STEEL casing = THE ULTIMATE IN CORROSION-FREE BEARINGS. Evolving from our stainless steel all-weather bearings, this offers the highest level in the evolutionary chain of skateboard technology. The all-weather CERAMIC STAINLESS STEEL is rust free and the ultimate bearings for skaters who like to skate in all-weather conditions but also have the lowest co-efficient of friction available in skateboarding today.

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"Details": 8 mm Two Shields

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